Everyday Inspiration: The New Way of Living

Everyday Inspiration: The New Way of Living

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Dear Magnificent Navigators,


Was it really that long ago when the popular question was “what’s your five-year plan”?


Are you kidding!? Even asking what your one-year plan is seems out of place in the times we are living in!


There’s a new way of living and being on this planet. One where going day by day makes a whole lot more sense than planning by the year. Things are moving fast these days.


Which is why It is more important than ever to develop your inner compass. It is imperative to develop the GPS system inside of you that will guide you, at a moments notice, through all of the diversions, delays, road blocks, and unplanned dead ends, getting you back on your path. It is time, for once and for all, to put yourself first. To develop the skills necessary to ride this kind of road, or for goodness sakes, move over and get off!! Otherwise, you become dangerous to the others around, just adding more needless traffic and confusion.


Yes, it’s scary to change, to acknowledge that the time is NOW. But haven’t you been ready to launch for some time? You have had a project to launch, a book to write, a plan to move or a desire for a better, healthier relationship. Many of you believe that if you just keep doing more and working harder, it will come. You ask, “Why aren’t things moving for me yet? When I have another degree, I can publish the book. If I relaxed more, I could get pregnant. If I keep going over it again and again I will find a way to make more money.”


The two allies that are crucial to develop for navigation are faith and trust. Without these, you’re toast. You must tap into that capacity inside yourself. You have been handed a bill of goods, a belief system that told you that you need more to be You. You are incomplete as you are. You need to push more, work harder, be stronger, push ahead, get it right, and figure it out.


But actually, it’s the other way around. You already have it.


Know who you are. Know that no matter what gets handed to you, it will be okay, you will find your way home. Home is your natural innate state of being. It’s that place that is calm peaceful and knowing. It doesn’t need anything to be complete. It just is. You have always had this inside of you, it’s just time to rediscover it again. You’ve just lost touch.


So you have been moving around searching outside of yourself for all of these ways to make yourself more complete when, in fact, you’ve had it inside of you all along. You possess all of the necessary equipment to guide you on your way to the life you are here to live. You have been listening to others’ GPS systems and have assumed this is your address. That is why you are not getting your packages!!! You have been getting their stuff and have wondered why it never arrives. Well…


God / Universe / Spirit can only send your things to YOUR address when you’re at home. Would you expect anything else?


So while you’re out there busy doing what everyone else tells you to do, you are following their formula. You are in their house. You are following their rules.


Go find your own house. It’s there. It’s been there all along. Dust off the cobwebs, take the time to walk through each room. Air it out. Know that this is the most important activity you have to do. Take the time to go inside to those places in your mind that are truly you. Are you following your own dreams and wishes, or the ones of your brother, teacher, sister, friends, spouse. Do you know what they are?


Knowing your own home is the most important accomplishment you will ever achieve. That little icon on your personal GPS system is Your North Star. Your inner compass that will guide you with an unwavering sense of faith and trust, knowing that you have everything you need.


Do you want a delivery? Then go home. Learn where your home is right now at this time in your life so you can be at your correct address, not somebody else’s when those packages come.


Deliveries can come at any time, in a form you may not have planned. In a condition you may not have imagined or bargained for. Yet remember: we never ever know the big picture. We just aren’t capable of seeing it. That’s why we’re here. To learn how to drive and navigate through it. It’s supposed to be fun. How much fun has it been for you?


You have a project that you want to put out in the world or you have a desire for something that you feel would make your life complete. You are still stuck in the fear because the fear is propelling you outside of yourself, only to get bogged down in the myriad of detours and traffic jams.


Feel what’s scaring you and realize it’s that little part of you that has been taught that it is incomplete and will always need more to be qualified to receive it. Realize that this nonsense and send that little part of you love.


Go back home and develop the trust and faith in something greater. Then listen to this inner guidance and Act upon it. How do you know the difference between what is your guidance and that of others? You will feel it. It will feel different. It will not feel like a conflict or a struggle. The stress will not be there. It will feel scary, sure, yet liberating and exhilarating,


Take this out on the road and navigate your way through life. Do the things you need to do, always returning home to the place where it doesn’t waver. That way all the packages that were meant for you will be delivered on time and in the manner they were always supposed to be.


Are You Ready?

Jennifer Annenberg

As you take each step I will be there reminding you of your Magnificence, and I will continue to do so, until you are able to see it in yourself. © Copyright. Jennifer Annenberg Productions. 2013. All Rights Reserved. This publication may not be reproduced under any circumstances without the written consent of Jennifer Annenberg.


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