Everyday Inspiration: The Sandbox

Everyday Inspiration: The Sandbox

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Dear Magnificent Ones,


Remember as a kid when you found yourself all alone in the sandbox? Feeling lonely like no one wanted to be with you? Now even as adults, we are still dependent on other people and objects to tell us Who We ARE. We still attach the feelings of rejection, loss, failure plus our need to feel significant to what others do or don’t do to us.


What object could you possess (a great house, partner, sports car) that would make you feel significant? Important?


What party or outing (neighbors party, debut of restaurant) would make you feel loved or accepted?


What accomplishment (a child, a certain job) would make you feel complete?


As long as we look for the source of wholeness, happiness, and contentment outside of ourselves, we will suffer. Specifically ask where you are looking to GET love and not just giving it? Where are you looking for approval and not giving it to yourself?


The more loving we are to ourselves, the less vulnerable we are to seek out recognition in things and people. When the source of happiness is found within, the more immune we are to attaching to one outside of ourselves.


That alone time in the sandbox graduates from feeling small to seeing the greatness of joy spent in the sand. Only you have the power to allow yourself to feel small by attaching to someone else’s actions or criteria. It s not fair to them and it’s not fair to you.


No person or thing can tell you who you are. What would your life look like if you lost all attachment to the objects and the opinions of those around you? Do you fear that you would not then know who you are?


Perhaps it’s time to grow up and graduate into the real sandbox of life. Where, instead of seeking outwardly and coming up empty, you seek within and realize what’s been there all along.


Are you Ready?

Jennifer Annenberg

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