Everyday Inspiration: When You Go Big You’ve Come Home

Everyday Inspiration: When You Go Big You’ve Come Home

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Dear Magnificent Beauties,


You are divine. Royalty by birth. You have a divine purpose to accept yourself as who you really are. Who you really are is a living breathing endlessly creative physical expression of perfection. You are unique. Can you accept this? Only when you see it in yourself is when others will see it in you.


Chances are, when you go to the market you always select the most vibrant flowers in the store rather than the ones that are dead and wilting.


The same is true when times get tough and we succumb to feelings of fear, anger or anxiety. We seek out a favorite field of flowers, a piece of music or an inspirational piece of art to lift our mood, inspire us and enhance our well-being instead of going down a dark, dirty alleyway.


There is something innate in us that selects what is most physically appealing. It’s our senses giving us clues to what our consciousness already knows. Namely that there is a wholeness, a wellness, an abundance that exudes from this unseen field of awareness that we can only feel. Yet we can see it manifested through its physical expression.


Do you believe that your physical presence has the same power and potential to amplify a room of people as if they were looking at a gorgeous sunset? Do you think that what you wear could lift the vibration of those around you? Do you possess the same radiance that can inspire change? The answer to all these questions is YES and you do so everyday. What you decide to look like, what you wear, it all sends a message out to the world. It is one of the most potent and viable tools that we have to emit our energetic frequency.


Our physical presence, our bodies, can have a New Purpose. One that lifts up and inspires our surroundings.


Your physical presence is a living canvas. It contains the music of your voice. Your limbs are like branches that move and sway through the world like a magnificent oak. Your entire body is a piece of art, uniquely you in its expression and message. What you decide to paint on it will determine its benefit to society.


You have the ability to send messages of wholeness and abundance to the world through the care and selection of what you place on your body. Each object of clothing you choose is like a feather placed on your body. An amulet of sorts that has the ability to charm and grace the presence of you and those around you, so choose with care and reverence.


In nature, that beautifully abundant view of the ocean possesses an extremely high vibrational field. You are pulled in visually and it magnetizes you with its seemingly endless array of spectacular colors, sights, and sounds. Your physical presence, once harmonized with Who you really are, has the same spectacular ability to feed the environment and the minds around you. Just like in nature, focusing on something or someone who you feel possesses something magical and rare may actually lift your mood. It can cause you to smile or inspire you towards action.


In other words, seeing someone who is expressing their essence through what they wear on their bodies can actually have the same vibrational effect on you that a painting, music or a view has.


It’s only natural. Haven’t you ever been in the Presence of someone who has captivated you with his or her mere appearance? Someone who oozed a sort of harmonious abundance, magnificently reflecting their inner greatness and Divinity by expressing it on the outside. It is a truly magical combination. You are in awe and magnetized by this persons complete acceptance of themselves inside and out.


Follow your heart and claim your unique expression. Accept yourself as a precious and divinely perfect being, exactly as you are. Know that you already possess the most innate magnificence and glory just by being You and honor that perfect beauty by shining it out to the world. Not through obscurity but through expression.


Expression through what we wear can be our primary means of conveying a message to others that what we are Divine, Whole, Abundant.


You have means to use your physicality in a new way, as a potential for Inspiration. To be a figure that can lift the vibrational field of others. To be someone that can cause positive change, lift moods, cause smiles, allow people to pause and admire.


Be the flower! The Peacock! The Butterfly! Spread your wings and stop obscuring your beautiful, magnificent, divine essence that is You. Go crazy!!! Wear what your heart dictates today! Celebrate, dress up, and play in the marvelous wonders of this world.


When you come into harmony with Who You Are and align with your source, the all that is, you exude wholeness, contentment, and joy.


Radiance is a huge component of this and comes from the physical body being in harmony with its inner self. When the two combine, it’s magic.


Let this be your new way of serving the world. Our physical presence has the power to transform, inspire, delight and light up the places around you.


You are divine. Royalty by birth. Only when you see it in yourself will others see it in you.


Are You Ready?

Jennifer Annenberg

As you take each step I will be there reminding you of your Magnificence, and I will continue to do so, until you are able to see it in yourself. © Copyright. Jennifer Annenberg Productions. 2013. All Rights Reserved. This publication may not be reproduced under any circumstances without the written consent of Jennifer Annenberg.


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