Everyday Inspiration: Who’s Keeping You Here on Earth?

Everyday Inspiration: Who’s Keeping You Here on Earth?

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“Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished. If you’re alive, it isn’t.” – Richard Bach


I heard a story once of an enlightened master who was asked by her disciple what she thought she still had left to learn in life. She asked her, “why was she alive when she had transcended all the lessons that life had to learn?” The enlightened master replied,” Ah, yes, I have learned much, and I have transcended much of life’s illusions. However, I figured out that there is one person that keeps me here on the earth’s plane. My daughter. She is still the one person that is able to push my buttons. She is the one person that is still able to pull me in to my humanness. To elicit the kind of behavior that shows me what I still need to work on. Therefore, my life’s work is not complete.”


We can all identify those people that know how to pull us into our unconscious state. For some of us, it could be hundreds, if not thousands, of our everyday encounters. From everything we see on television, in traffic, in meetings, in magazines etc. For others, it may be down to only a few people now.


Perhaps it’s worth looking at who keeps you here on earth. Perhaps it’s wise to note of the magnitude of what sets you off from being your Real Self. What takes you away from your center.


That is the work. That is why we are here. Your mission is to come back home to you. The Real You.


This is where peace, wholeness, and contentment lie.


Are you Ready?



Jennifer Annenberg

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