Everyday Inspiration: You are Perfect Underneath

Everyday Inspiration: You are Perfect Underneath

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Dearest Perfection,


Why is it that most of us know what we want out of life but we don’t actually do it? We say we want a happy, fulfilled, abundant life, but feel there is always something in the way. Everywhere we go, there is an obstacle to overcome, a reason why we can’t create the fulfilled life we desire. We spend time looking in the wrong places. And the worst part is we never figure it out, getting discouraged and ultimately settling for something far less than we bargained for.


Happiness, contentment, and freedom are an inside job.


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Until we take the time to chisel away and question what beliefs are dominating us and driving us to make the decisions we make, nothing will change.


Albert Einstein once said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”


We have unconscious beliefs that are driving our relationships, career choices, worthiness and success with other people. By design, we are raised to accumulate the wishes and desires of those who took care of us. In order to survive and receive food and shelter, it was best to please them and therefore align with their belief systems and ways of thinking.


This created your entire universe! We grow up and realize not everyone thinks as we do and has the same way of being.


We added layers and layers of these beliefs to ourselves in order to fit in please others and survive. Over time you end up covered in layers of plaster, not knowing why things aren’t aligning with your true desires that start whispering to you from within.


The genius sculptor Michelangelo was able to see the perfection within a block of marble. Take David, one of his most famous pieces. Michelangelo worked day and night chiseling this shapeless stone into a work of art, revealing the beauty that lied beneath.


We are like David. We have heaped these layers of beliefs onto ourselves in order to fit in and please others, so much over time, to the point where we are unrecognizable.


But it is in the UNDOING, in finding what is underneath, where the answers we seek are revealed.


Hidden below is our essence, our internal guidance system that has always been there waiting. It is that voice in the quiet telling you deep down what you know is right. It is your intuition, that feeling that you ARE settling for a life that is less than you bargained for.


It’s time to chisel away at your layers.


The process of Self growth may not be easy, but it is the biggest contribution you will ever make to your life, to yourself, your relationships, and anyone that comes into contact with you.


The only way to remove these layers, these obstacles, is to look at them head on. To uncover who you are, belief by belief. Remember, beliefs were thoughts that you subconsciously agreed to. They are past due and up for renewal.


As my beloved says, “The past holds no power over you when you choose not to let it.”


It’s time to breakthrough the barriers that have been holding you back from the life you have always dreamed of, in order to LIVE the life you came here for. There are very few people who take the time out to work on themselves and try to understand the reason WHY they REACT to life.


It’s not for the faint of heart. But the rewards are worth it.


Imagine when these layers are removed. Then you become free. You can now start to decide how to think and how to feel. You are empowered with the ability to move forward the way you always thought and felt was true for you.


You then move out of reacting TO life into acting WITH life.


This is what the world has been waiting for! You in all your glory! Start chiseling away today to reveal the masterpiece that has always been there.


Remember this kind of art takes time and patience and due diligence. But with a good set of tools and a kind heart you will get there.


Are You Ready?




Jennifer Annenberg

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