Find the Pulse of Your City with Impulcity

Find the Pulse of Your City with Impulcity

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Impulcity can show you what’s going on in Cincinnati.


It’s Friday night. You have no plans, but you want to call up some friends and go do something together. The problem is you have no idea what events are going on, or even what’s out there to go and do. Well, that’s where Impulcity can help.


Impulcity is an app that helps you find fun things to do in your city, no matter where you live. You can easily see what is going on around you and it allows you to discover cool, local concerts and events. You can choose from several different areas of interest to find just what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a concert, amazing nightlife, or something to do with the family, you’ll find it on Impulcity.


It all began after Hunter Hammonds and Austin Cameron had lunch one day and came up with ideas they would like to pursue. “Austin and I had been working at a creative agency and we were tired of doing client work,” says Hammonds. “We had ideas of doing other things with our lives.” Shortly thereafter, Impulcity launched in November 2011.


“He came up with the idea of vicinity based chat and I came up with the idea of finding stuff to do based on your interests,” recalls Hammonds. They decided to choose the latter, pursue it full time and Impulcity was born.


After the startup of their business, Impulcity worked with The Brandery to help their brand grow. The Brandery offers $20,000 in financing, world-class mentorship, amazing partnership opportunities and introductions to seed stage investors nationwide. They help turn great ideas into businesses, accelerating them into a successful future.


 “The Brandery was extremely helpful,” says Hammonds. “They don’t hold your hand and say you need to do this. They are helpful with networking and are great if you are proactive about seeking mentors.”


The app launched in September 2012, and Hammonds says they have been looking for ways to improve it ever since. “We recently updated the app with our 1.1 version,” he adds. “We have focused on simplifying everything – making it clean and simple. We don’t want you to have to think too much when using our app.”


Within the next month, Impulcity will be releasing its 2.0 version. “This version is conceptually a different product. It’s much more interactive,” explains Hammonds. “You and your friends can suggest events to each other, you can change your feed so that it lists events that pertain to your interests. It’s very different from the app that we have now.”


This app, and the members of its team, have bright futures ahead of them. When asked where he would like to see the app in five years, Hammonds says, sold, exited, acquired and on to the next revolutionary idea.


To learn more about Impulcity, go to or download it from the App Store.