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Learn about a creative choral community for a cause, that melodically blends music, entertainment and fundraising.


Fluidity performs at events that benefit various social causes.

Fluidity, a Creative Choral Community for a Cause, combines beautiful music with philanthropy by performing at events benefitting various social causes. Fluidity is not just a choral group but “creative doers supporting the needs in our community” by holding event-concerts fundraisers to benefit partner non-profit organizations, says artistic director and founder Rhonda Juliano.

Fluidity is not Juliano’s first foray into using a chorus for social causes; in 2002, she founded Diverse Harmony in Seattle, a choir for LGTBQ youth. Officially founded in October 2016, Fluidity was inspired by Juliano’s love of community and doing good for others. “I like to put tangible meaning behind what we sing,” Juliano explains. “Introducing non-profits that support our community is a win/win as we can help promote, support and introduce these organizations to members of a larger community by involving others in a social event.”

Fluidity starts its process by selecting a nonprofit, picking music that matches the nonprofit’s theme, then build an enlightening and supporting concert event that includes education about the nonprofit’s mission, drinks, and dinner. “What a great way to promote and support one another!” Juliano says. “Joining an event with a themed concert is a unique and meaningful way to pay it forward, while making a real difference.”

Although Fluidity has only been around less than a year, it’s already busy and well-staffed. “We currently have 34 singers, an accompanist, an event director, a social media director and myself,” Juliano says. Fluidity is “fluid in song, community and voice parts,” meaning that Fluidity avoids stereotypes in assigning voice parts. “We have females singing tenor and a female identified individual singing bass.”

Fluidity recently wrapped up an event at the Cincinnati Zoo, benefitting Groundworks Cincinnati-Mill Creek, a nonprofit that works to restore natural waterways and the environment for clean drinking water and wildlife. Their full season is already planned, and upcoming events include one supporting CircleTail, a nonprofit that trains guide dogs at no charge, and Upspring, a nonprofit that supports homeless kids with academic support in tutoring, camps, and more.

Juliano hopes that Fluidity will “grow and become well known in our community as an excellent choral group that does good for our community.  We want to be recognized by name and have people think of us as an awesome organization that loves to pay it forward!” she says, “It’s about the music making and giving back that’s important to us as an organization.”

To learn more, visit http://fluiditycccc.org/.