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Foodie Cincy

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If you like discovering new places to eat (and saving money while you’re at it), learn more about this unique program that pays off in spades.

Gina Barrera and Brian Tucker are the dynamic duo behind Foodie Cincy, a deck of 52 cards featuring special discounts at restaurants around the city. Each card in the deck represents a local, independently-owned Cincinnati-area restaurant.

“Each restaurant card features all of the restaurant details, including name and contact information with restaurant and cuisine description,” explains Barrera. “The card acts as a $!0 off discount as each restaurant.”

Barrera says that the deck is a fun incentive for users to try new restaurants in the city and for the eateries it’s a unique marketing tool directed specifically toward experiential diners.

Cincy Chic last spoke with Barrera and Tucker in fall 2014, but plenty of things have changed since then.

Now, the Foodie Cincy deck is proudly printed in Erlanger, Kentucky, by the United States Playing Card Co. “It’s the same company behind brands such as bicycle cards, Bee and more,” explains Barrera. “Not only are they printed in the USA, but right in our back yard! We are thrilled to help support local businesses.”

On Nov. 7, Foodie Cincy will be at Cincy Chic’s Seasonably Chic Showcase, where they’ll be offering pre-sales of the 2016 Foodie Cincy Deck. Barrera says if you purchase a 2016 deck –which is being released on Black Friday– you’ll also receive a current 2015 Foodie Cincy Deck that expires on Dec. 31 at the event.

“This is the only pre-sale of any 2016 Foodie Cincy Decks that we currently offer in Cincinnati, only at the Seasonably Chic Showcase,” says Barrera.

Aside from the launch of a new website, Barrera adds that there are 10 new restaurants in the 2016 Deck, and you’ll be able to find the list of eateries at the Seasonably Chic Showcase or on the Foodie Cincy website.

To learn more, check out Foodie Cincy’s new website. You can also like them on Facebook.