From Passion to Profit

From Passion to Profit

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photo courtesy of That’s a Wrap / The animal print wrappers are Jacob’s personal favorites.

That’s a Wrap is the product of years of scrapbooking and crafting. Beth Jacobs, the business’ owner, was a stay-at-home mom who wanted an opportunity to get back into the occupational world while still being able to stay home with her two kids, Sydney, now 9, and Robbie, now 7.


The idea to make cupcake wrappers and toppers was planted in Jacobs’ head when her friend, who’s an avid baker, suggested she started making them. Although Jacobs, who also has been into rubber stamping and making greeting cards, didn’t know what cupcake toppers were initially, she jumped into making them after a little bit of internet research.


“I made some samples and gave her some to see what she thought. She loved them,” Jacobs says. And thus, That’s a Wrap was born as an Etsy shop in July 2010.


Jacobs was astounded by the positive feedback she got from her clients, and expansion became inevitable. Six months after launching the business, she started getting requests from customers for party items to match the cupcake toppers and wrappers. Jacobs didn’t have previous experience in creating the matching party accessories, but that didn’t stop her from teaching herself to fit her customers’ party needs. “I didn’t know anything about graphic design or Photoshop, but because so many people wanted other party items, I decided I needed to learn,” she says.


So, That’s a Wrap now also sells invitations, thank you notes, candy bar wrappers, centerpieces, signs, banner, water bottle labels, buffet labels and party favors to match the company’s original cupcake toppers, Jacobs says.


Her decision to adapt to fit the requests of her customers didn’t go unappreciated: In 2011, That’s a Wrap sold almost $30,000 of party items.


Like the flexibility of Jacobs in her business, cupcakes provide a customizable option for serving at parties, as opposed to only treating guests to cake, she says. “Just by adding a cupcake wrapper, you add a little pizzazz,” she says. “Also, you can personalize each cupcake with a personalized cupcake topper. Not all toppers have to be the same, whereas on a cake there usually is only one message.”