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Julie Ball, owner of Get Creative Photo Booths

As a freelance event and portrait photographer, Julie Ball saw her fair share of photo booths.


While some were lavishly decorated, and others were simple but silly, Ball was inspired by the fun people always had in them. “I loved watching how much fun the guests would have at the booths especially when the group just photographed gathers around the monitor and sees their photo for the first time and they roar with laughter,” she says. “This led me to the idea of customizable photo booths.”


Knowing that launching a business could be a risky and expensive endeavor, Ball took a nine week course with Bad Girl Ventures. With much to learn, she took the past two years to provide photo booths for family, friends, and word of mouth customers. This allowed her to fine tune her business concept, polish up protocol, tweak technological issues, and to strategically plan the launch of her business.


This fall, Ball applied to become a finalist with Bad Girl Ventures and was selected as a top ten finalist. “While I was not selected to win the loan I definitely finished the class as a winner,” she says. “I left with a tremendous amount of business knowledge, connections, mentors and friends that will be a part of my life forever.”


Ball is inspired by her customers and the themes of their photobooths. The backdrops in particular are fun to customize based on the party concept, she says, but she also offers the standard solids, chevron, and seasonal scenes. In addition, Ball offers a living room style booth with open photo frames so guests are a “living portrait” and also a booth that’s a replica of Van Gogh’s bedroom.


Props also differentiate Get Creative Photo Booths from other businesses in the industry, Ball says. Not only does she use durable, high quality props, but they also match the theme of the event and photo booth.


Ball is looking forward to the future of Get Creative Photo Booths especially since she is heading into the engagement season in January, as weddings are a huge source of business for her.


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