Get Social with Sibcy Cline

Get Social with Sibcy Cline

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072511ADVERTORIAL.jpgThe real estate world is a big, crazy, saturated place right now. If you’d like help sifting through the information, targeting your wants and needs and getting immediate updates, it’s time to get social with Sibcy Cline Realtors.


Sibcy Cline is the largest area real estate broker and for good reason. They put several useful tools in their clients’ tool belts for staying in touch with the housing market. These tools help you stay on the cutting edge to buy or sell your home quicker and with more ease.


When you’re out and see a home for sale you like, you don’t want to wait and look it up when you get home, do you? That’s why Sibcy Cline offers a smart phone browser to make mobile searching and MLS listings easier. They even have a QR code here to make finding and bookmarking the site easy.


The company also blogs several times a week at This blog gives updates and real estate tips, as well as interesting news and local information with a real estate connection.


Or, if you’re a Facebook fanatic, you’ll want to "like" Sibcy Cline’s Facebook page. Is Twitter your thing? Sibcy Cline tweets, too, @SibcyRealEstate.


If you are looking to receive updates on the housing market near to where you live, you can receive an emailed Market Update from your favorite Sibcy Cline agent. According to Susan A. Knabe, director of marketing at Sibcy Cline Realtors, these reports include easy-to-read statistics and links on closed, sold, pending and listed properties in your area. The reports are emailed every 90 days (or more often per your request). Just contact a Sibcy Cline agent and ask for a Market Update. Click here to find an agent.