Gracetree Yoga and Growth Studio

Gracetree Yoga and Growth Studio

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Gracetree Yoga and Growth Studio offers a number of
classes to help you find your inner peace.

Close your eyes, let your mind wander off into a peaceful place and breathe in the scented candles as you listen to the soothing sound of tranquil tunes playing in the background.


At this point, nothing else in the world matters as much as the next 45 minutes of your life as you dip into downward dog or bend down into cobra.


This serene slice-of-life is one of many experienced at Gracetree Yoga and Growth Studio. Located at 8933 Cincinnati Dayton Road in West Chester, this unique studio aims to make you stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. The academy was launched in May 2010 by Pam Painter and Renee Groennemann, who later passed the torch to Janet Nash and Betsy Brothers in July 2012 so Brothers could care for her family and create new ventures.


Since then, the program has transitioned to now offer a total of 20 yoga classes per week of all types; heated, ashtanga, mixed levels, gentles classes and even yin classes that run throughout the weekday, late evenings and weekends.


To have the capability of having so many activities, the studio has compiled a group of teachers that, “come from a variety of trainings and each brings their own flair to their classes,” says Brothers. There are even some specialty classes coming up in March, the first being “Pain as a Spiritual Teacher” with Renee Groennemann and another is “Creativity Now” with Jacqueline Steinbeck.


Offering a variety of personal growth opportunities, workshops and classes, Gracetree also provides chances to learn how to do all of theses things on their website with descriptions and sign up availability. Business continues to grow for Greentree to serve the local community and “we hope to expand our ‘reach’ with some added advertising and activities,” says Brothers.


Not only does the studio offer daily classes, but they also offer many “wellness services: acupuncture, massage, reflexology, mental health counseling, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, and much more with licensed and insured practitioners,” according to Brothers.


To find out when classes are, you can check their website,, to find a specific calendar tab that will let you fit yoga into your busy schedule.


The studio likes to live in a world of “Endless Possibilities.” To find out more, visit, to keep up with all that is manifested there!