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Alison Connor is the founder and photographer behind Happygirlphotography

Bygone are boring family photos on your holiday cards this winter, thanks to Happygirlphotography!


“I would say that my shooting style is fun, colorful, and contemporary” says Alison Connor, the founder and photographer behind Happygirlphotography. “Consider it classic style with a modern twist! The happygirlphotography experience is more along the lines of a professional photo shoot, with styling, location, wardrobe changes in the works!”


What started as a dream eight years ago has grown into more than Connor could have ever imagined. “Though I have touched on a few different types of photography over the years such as newborn and wedding, my specialty is with children, families and high school seniors,” she explains. “I find that my style of shooting has everything to do with connection, between my client and myself, and between each other.”


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Her journey into photography began with the birth of her first child. “I could not take enough pictures of her little face,” she laughs. As Connor’s interest in photography grew, she began attending workshops, online courses, and just shooting as much as possible. After a few years of taking Christmas card pictures for all the families in her neighborhood, she decided it was time to launch her own photography business.


“My business has grown and branched out in many different directions,” says Connor. In fact, she launched a new part of her brand about two years ago, Happygirldesign, which specializing in website and graphic design, as well as branding for businesses.


“I would describe myself as part designer, part web stylist and part tech girl! I love Photoshop CS5, tech blogs, Pinterest and all design inspiration,” says Connor. “I combine my love of graphic design and technology to create show-stopping websites and brand development for business’s large and small. I am constantly creating color inspiration boards to feed my love of color, and love to think out of the box and push the limits of creativity.”


Since she only shoot outside using natural light, her photography business runs from June to Nov. every year, while her design business is active year round. “My inspiration color boards started out as a creative way to help my clients envision their future designs,” says Connor. “With over 400 color boards created and almost 12,000 followers on Pinterest, it has turned into fun way to keep me feeling creative on a daily basis.”


The trends she sees in the future include circling back to clean and modern. “Photography now is all about real images, light, sun flare, very different from a few years ago when images were filled with graffiti, urban backgrounds and over-saturated color,” says Connor.


After booking your session with Connor, you as a client will be sent to her online booking form to answer a few questions about yourself and the type of session you are looking for. “They are also sent our ‘WHAT TO WEAR’ guide designed to prepare you for your session” says Connor. “The extensive online guide will help you with styling, clothing choices, hair and make-up, along with many other tips and tricks.”


To learn more, visit www.happygirlphotography.com or www.happygirldesign.com.