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I Love Cincinnati

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Social media has the power to inform and bring people together at lightening speed. That couldn’t be more true for Sheryl Buechly, the founder and key provider for the I Love Cincinnati Facebook Page.


Buechly launched the page in October 2009 as a small side project. Today, the site has nearly 9,000 fans and posts daily updates about helpful first-hand experiences around town.

As an Ohio native, Buechly grew up just outside of Dayton and now lives in Cincinnati. “After I graduated, I was fortunate enough to live in some wonderful cities and experience some extensive travel,” she explains. But when Buechly returned from her travels and came back to the area nine years ago, “I was disappointed to see downtown Cincinnati in shambles and found it so hard to find a reference to help me find all of the wonderful social and cultural attractions,” she says.


That’s when she got the idea to start a grass-roots sounding board to announce the events and establishments that she and others were experiencing. “Since then, as you know, downtown Cincinnati has begun its rejuvenation and the amount of quality attractions and restaurants has grown exponentially,” says Buechly.


She, along with her business partners, have started and built several Cincinnati-based businesses. “We employ over 50 people and provide service to many local and national clients,” Buechly explains. “I truly love to experience what Cincinnati has to offer and I, along with my network of contacts, experience and review Cincinnati’s timeless gems, as well as new businesses and events that come to market. Our hope is to provide the people of Cincinnati an interactive guide to help them maneuver, explore and experience all that Cincinnati has to offer.”


Her intent is to now boost resources to really make the fan base mushroom. “We intend to bring on some advertising sponsors to help inject some funding to help extend our reach,” says Buechly. “Once we have made a deep market penetration, our hopes are that this page can be a valued source for the community.”


According to Buechly, they hope to be the gold standard resource where people come to see reviews, ratings and other users’ experiences to help you best spend your family dollars on the social and cultural events in Cincinnati.


For more information, visit the I Love Cincinnati Facebook Page.