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IMBIBE Cincinnati

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IMBIBE Cincinnati Co-Owners Jon Weiner, Steve Swartz and Andrew Rettig

A commitment to community and a love for extraordinary cocktails­ are two main ingredients that stirred up a new business, IMBIBE Cincinnati, launched by co-owners Jon Weiner, Steve Swartz and Andrew Rettig.


“We provide distinctive, hand-crafted cocktails backed by the personality, knowledge and craftsmanship garnered through 30+ combined years in the hospitality and beverage industries.” says Rettig. “We work with local distributors, vendors and suppliers for all of our ingredients and incorporate locally-sourced goods and produce as often as possible.”


Rettig says the concept has been in the works for more than a year, they applied for an LLC in late September 2013 and officially launched in October 2013.


“We decided that we had the resources and knowledge to form a private event beverage service that specifically catered to the needs of the individual client,” explains Rettig. “It’s great to see the excitement from guests when they have an experience they never thought they could outside of a proper bar setting.”


Since launching, IMBIBE Cincinnati has worked a total of six parties (countless prior to the official launch, Rettig says) including a Cincinnati E.A.T.S. holiday pop-up party as well as 300+ person events. “All of these were garnered through word-of-mouth,” Rettig boasts. “The planned launch party had to be cancelled and pushed back to early 2014, due to the incredible response by our clients.”


Rettig says IMBIBE Cincinnati is unique because, instead of walking into a private party or special event and getting the generic bartender in a white coat who hands out light beer or Chardonnay, you are greeted with an entire experience. “This experience starts with a consultation, where we sit down with the client and note flavors, colors, favorite liquors, beers and wines to make each event unique,” he adds.


Their proprietary cocktail menu descriptions includes flamed, smoked, frozen, and whipped concoctions. “Basically any iteration of a cocktail you could imagine,” says Rettig. “Our 30+ years in the bar and restaurant industry give us the expertise to bring these sensory experiences to life, on the fly, right in front of party guests.”


All upcoming events are private, but if you’d like to check pricing information or make an appointment for a consultation or quote, visit or call (513) 600-0990.