Jay Bedi, the Renaissance Man

Jay Bedi, the Renaissance Man

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Jay Bedi has wide-ranging event experience. Today, he runs his family business,
the Elements Conference and Event Centre.

Imagine you have a huge event coming up – whether it’s a wedding or big corporate event – and you are so excited. You have your vision and dreams about what the big day will look like. But that excitement soon wanes as the fear and stress of event planning sets in. 


That’s where Jay Bedi at the Elements Conference & Event Centre can help. He began in the event industry as a DJ, then moved to the Windy City to get event production experience at Chicago-based hotels and he eventually moved back to Cincinnati to build his family’s business, the Elements Conference & Event Centre.


There, the concept is simple. “We do it all,” Bedi says. “Elements offers a full service ‘one stop shopping’ approach which has one goal in mind – to make the planning easy.”


So, from weddings and corporate event production, on- and off-site planning and catering, to limo and chauffeur service, Elements can lend a hand to help make your event a success. “Whether you’re planning an affectionate gathering, a glorious gala, or the wedding of your dreams, we will create an event to remember,” Bedi says. “My team and I specialize in planning, implementing and executing events while taking pride in quality and customer service.”


And even though they produce events that look like a million bucks, you won’t spend it. “We are committed to putting together quality events while maintaining your budget parameters,” Bedi explains. “In planning, experience is everything and we have it. In fact, we have over 20 years in industry. Let us put our experience to work for you.”


Today, The Elements is working on expanding in many ways. First, they are adding new limousines for the use of potential customers, and this is predicted to be in action by the end of the year.


Bedi is also involved in the upcoming Afterhours Bridal Show at Music Hall on November. “We’re providing all of the tables, chairs, and staff,” he explains. “We’re really looking forward to it.”


In addition, they are looking for a second location for The Elements Event Centre, and they’re looking into investing in entertainment and shows. “If Elements continues to grow, customer loyalty is very important to me,” says Bedi. “I do not charge top quality prices to make a profit. In many cases, my effort and subcontracting services may be worth top dollar but I do not have to charge the customer an arm and a leg.”

Customer appreciation is a top priority, according to Bedi. “The company provides occasional discounts, and free gifts like limo rides to demonstrate our customer appreciation,” he adds. “Clients love to feel special, and will come back to Elements when I treat them as valued clients. When possible, it’s good business to give customers more than they expect.” To learn more, visit www.elementseventcentre.com or give Bedi a call at 513-733-3536.