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Joy Over 40

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A passion for photography, fashion and sharing her life experiences inspired one local lady to launch her own lifestyle blog. See how she brings a fashionable flair to life after 40.


It was around five years ago when Joy Josephs really started to pick up a fun new interest in photography. She and her husband enjoy traveling, whether it’s to new parts of the city or world, and she was always taking snapshots to capture the moments.

With so many photos and not enough places to put them, she decided to launch a blog.

“Because I have all these photos of different places we’ve been, activities we enjoy, and generally capturing moments and memories in our life, I thought that a blog would be a great platform to showcase the photography pieces,” she explains.

Joy Over 40 is Joy Josephs creative outlet to share her life experiences.

But for Josephs, it was about launching more than just a photography blog. She found that there weren’t many blogs dedicated to people in her age demographic, with her sense of style and adventure. That’s when she had her “a-ha” moment.

“As I thought more of the site, it has evolved into something more,” she adds. “I got to thinking that there aren’t a lot of sites out there geared toward people that are over 40. I wanted to show people that life can be more fun, fulfilling, and meaningful when you reach this age. I wanted people over 40 to find someone that they can relate to and feel like they can still grab life by the horns.”

In addition to reaching the over-40 demographic, Josephs says that she also wanted to give the younger generations a place they can go to feel like they have so much to look forward to in the future.

Josephs uses Joy Over 40 as her creative outlet, as she serves as a professional CPA outside of her blog.

This creative outlet allows Josephs to create blogs on a variety of topics including: food, fashion, travels, and favorite places like restaurants, shops, museums, etc., as well as worthwhile organizations and fun things to do in Cincinnati.

Josephs will also launch Joy Over 40 Photography.

“Since I live in Cincinnati, I tend to post a lot of Cincinnati-related events on Joy Over 40’s Instagram,” she adds.

Much of what you’ll find on Joy Over 40 is related to Joseph’s experiences. “[Joy Over 40]  is about enjoying life over 40,” she says. “I do what I would normally do in the one life I’ve been given and hope that it resonates with people. There’s no hidden agenda. I try new things, bring my camera with me, and talk about it.”

Currently, in addition to the lifestyle portion of her blog, Josephs is preparing to launch Joy Over 40 Photography, which she says she is building into the site under its “photography” section. “Otherwise, it’s just life as usual and documenting it in my blog,” she says.

To learn more about Joy Over 40, visit her website. You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.