Kennedy Heights Arts Center

Kennedy Heights Arts Center

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From high-end art shows and wowing weddings to summer camps for kids and jewelry workshops, keep reading about the local art center that’s hosting all these events and more.

The Kennedy Heights Arts Center is host
The Kennedy Heights Arts Center offers a variety of events and showcase a number of artists.

The Kennedy Heights Arts Center (KHAC) prides itself on the variety of events they offer and the array artists that help make it all happen. Dominque A. Springs, Events and Marketing Manager at KHAC, says the galleries speak for themselves in how truly different they are and how closely it ties in with their overall mission. “As an organization we are truly living up to what we believe in,” says Springs. So what is that? And how are they achieving it?

According to Springs, the KHAC aims to add to their community, which they are doing by holding new events and new artists each week. Springs tells us that neighbors of the community are so impressed by what was a former empty parking lot partnered with an abandoned building.

The KHAC offers gallery show openings, summer camps for children, knitting classes, jewelry workshops, drawing classes and more. Their main focus right now, Springs tells us, is a new program called Celebrations with heART that is being made possible through a grant from Artswave. This program will focus on one-of-a-kind, hand-on activities created and led by artists that will vary from signature arts experiences in visual art, dance, theatre or music. More information on their new program can be found at

While Springs is still getting her feet wet at KHAC (she’s been with the organization since October 2015), that hasn’t stopped her from diving in. Spring says she loves coordinating all events, from corporate to kid-focused, that come through the doors at KHAC, but gallery show openings have been her favorite to produce thus far. “When we have a new exhibit opening we invite the artist or artists whose work is being showcased along with their friends, family, and we also invite the public,” says Springs.

The next exhibit Springs is looking forward to helping open is the Annual Student Art Show: Visions of Creativity which will open March 12 from 2-4 p.m.

KHAC plans to grow even further than the large amount of artistic responsibilities they have already undertaken. Springs says they owe a large amount of their ability to do so to the generosity of donors, their artists and instructors, along with anyone else who makes what they do possible. “We are very structured in what we offer and create and I believe this is why we are also so great. Being the anchor of a diverse, creative community is not easy but we make it possible,” says Springs.

KHAC is located at 6620 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit You can also get a sneak peek of the venue when Cincy Chic hosts its annual Night in White event at KHAC on April 8.