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It’s not always easy to know where to go and what to do in the area. That’s why Patty Youkilis wants you to read Key Cincinnati Magazine.


The monthly publication with distribution of 10,000+ copies across Greater Cincinnati, according to Youkilis, acts as a guide for visitors and residents alike to have a great time without wasting the night trying to decide what to do.


“Our goal is to get everyone to visit the city and know where to go, where to eat and where to shop,” says Youkilis. “On the inside of the magazine, there are tons of listings as far as events, restaurants and shopping right next to maps to ensure that you do not get lost on your night out on the town.”


What makes Key Cincinnati unique, according to Youkilis, is that they provide not only where to go and what to do but also provide maps. “People need maps,” she explains. “When people are visiting, they do not know how to get anywhere.”


Key Cincinnati has been around for years, but Youkilis recently took it over after being co-owner during the March 2014 issue. Now, she is the sole owner for the April 2014 issue, which is set to launch today, April 15.


“The magazine is based on people traveling to Cincinnati who need information to know what is happening around town, but it often gets in the hands of locals because they like the information too,” says Youkilis. “We try to give information that people might not know about and we provide more in-depth information like when is happy hour or what are specials at a certain restaurant.”


Key Cincinnati is a franchise with 16 other “Key” publications across the U.S. “Key Chicago is so impressive and is my role model. We might not be them but we are one mighty force,” says Youkilis. “In the future, we hope to grow from 32 pages to 64 and then even more.”


Youkilis, a mother of two, loves print publications and publishing Key Cincinnati is a dream come true. “Of course, online is great, but there is nothing like the feeling of flipping through the pages and feeling the paper,” she says.


The publication is available for free online at