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Kristin Tatman

Kristin Tatman knows all too well about learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder (ADD) because she and her family have dealt with it. She understands the feeling of discouragement and debilitation that comes with an ADD diagnosis, and she’s made it her mission to change that for the future.


“Sometimes, those diagnosed with ADD feel ‘broken’ in some way, according to the doctors and educators they interact with. I bought into this hook, line and sinker with the diagnosis of my child,” Tatman recalls. “As a result, my happy go lucky son with a zest for life decided it would be easier to give up than to put up with [it] for the rest of his life, as he was being told he would have this illness forever.”


This experience inspired Tatman to start Kristin Tatman Coaching, which officially launched in March 2014.


“I launched the business because of the tremendous need to help educate families struggling with the diagnosis of ADD not only in their children but in themselves as well,” she explains. “My intention is to assist others in evaluating their needs, create a plan for success and to provide encouraging support for a happy, purposeful life.”


Tatman says the diagnosis would often leave her feeling inadequate as a mother. “I would then fall into a depression over it, thus causing my son to stop believing in himself and literally give up hope,” she says. “Then, there are other times when I would never give up on finding an answer.” After four years of this emotional roller coaster, she heard an insightful doctor speak at an ADD conference that changed her entire outlook on her son’s diagnosis.


“From that day forward, I changed my language with him, we changed our parenting style, made some lifestyle changes and my son is a completely different person,” she explains.


She wants the success her family experienced to serve as an inspiration to others. Her son, now 16, is thriving and his zest for life has returned. He also has a sense of confidence that Tatman and her husband never thought they’d see again. “While it’s been a long journey, I know that we can get kids back to loving themselves and discovering their gifts and talents with some mindset and lifestyle changes,” she says. “We as parents can embrace who they are and get on board with them.”


Through Kristin Tatman Coaching, Tatman offers a holistic approach to working with ADD. “I share what has worked for me and my family and what has not,” she explains. “I’m very involved in working with people with varying degrees of ADD, so I have a good sense of what will work and what won’t with children and can save people a lot of time and money dragging their child to try all of the things out there for review.”


When she meets with a potential client, Tatman likes to look at the person as a whole to better understand what is working and what isn’t. She introduces clients to some non-traditional methods of working with ADD and helps them figure out who to work with locally if they have more traditional needs. Tatman has also created her own signature programs for working with ADD, taking into consideration the individual and unique needs of each child.


With Kristin Tatman Coaching, family and individual coaching is available. Depending on the needs of the child and the family, she can work up a plan for them to do on their own as well as one to work on with her. She empowers the family to co-create a specific program that will match their needs. “These programs are private, individual or group family coaching for families who are committed to living ADD different,” she says.


Tatman works with clients on a monthly basis. She recommends meeting between two and four times a month. However, the more you talk with her throughout the month, the more benefits you’ll see. She charges a minimum of $200 per month, but offers a complimentary 30 minute consultation to see if it’s a good fit before making a plan to work together.


For Tatman, it’s about helping her clients feel purposeful and enthusiastic about tomorrow while helping clients get to a place of loving themselves, loving life and realizing their gifts so that they can learn how to build on them.


To build on her own knowledge and gifts, Tatman is currently getting her Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. “I’m always studying techniques to work with people because some things work better than others depending on the person,” she says. “Each one of us is unique and different and our goal is to figure out what will work best for you to reach your goals.”


Tatman says the best way to learn about what what she does is by calling her at 513-515-1168. You can also find Kristin Tatman Coaching on Facebook.