Memorial Hall Gets a Facelift

Memorial Hall Gets a Facelift

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Cincinnati Memorial Hall

Marble staircases adorned with intricate wrought iron, exceptional acoustics, decorative murals and Tiffany chandeliers enhance this 600 seat historic theatre. But after 100 years of wear and tear, the space needed a little love and a major facelift.


After a recent revamp, Memorial Hall now offers an elegant setting for performances and exquisite social and business events. Teresa Summe-Hass, the Executive Director of Memorial Hall, is the force behind this exciting revitalization.


According to Summe-Haas, President Theodore Roosevelt commissioned Cincinnati’s Memorial Hall so that Americans had a place to honor their soldiers. The building was then built in 1908 and designed by Samuel Hanneford, in honor of the veterans from the Civil War and the Spanish-American War.


Memorial Hall now offers performing arts, public speaking, corporate events, recitals, weddings and educational events. “The use of Memorial Hall is only limited by your imagination. As a host venue, our goal is to provide excellent service and successful events. Additionally, Memorial Hall produces excellent evening performances that encompass a vibrant atmosphere and a celebration of great food, music and socializing,” says Summe-Haas.


Memorial Hall is also a nonprofit organization in the midst of establishing the “Friends of Memorial Hall” group. “The Friends of Memorial Hall has been established to help support, revitalize and maintain the historic and architectural treasure for all Cincinnatians,” Summe-Haas explains.


“The revamp of Memorial Hall was inspired 18 months ago when a passionate, dedicated board of trustees came together inspired by the revitalization of Washington Park”, says Summe-Haas. They had a vision for Memorial Hall to become the center of a world-renowned arts district with Music Hall, the School for the Creative and Performing Arts and Washington Park. “Steps taken to realize this vision included forming a strong and active board, hiring a new executive director and updating the building,” she adds.


Summe-Haas is proud of the variety of events that have been hosted recently at Memorial Hall “Our Inaugural Signature Series kicked off in 2013, including four festive evenings of extraordinary music, innovative food and drink, and joyful celebration,” she explains. “Events such as An Evening of Classics and Bourbon & Bluegrass we are proud to say, sold out.”


In the past two weeks, Memorial Hall has held the Shakespeare Gala, the Cincinnati Development Fund’s 25th Anniversary Party, the Proctor and Gable Executive Event, the Vocal Arts Ensemble Concert, and spring weddings. In the future, Memorial Hall will be hosting Fotofocus’ Hub, TedX Cincy, Queen City Indie Convention, weddings, the Health Collaborative Conference and Rebel Pilgrims Storytellers. “We are also looking forward to announcing our next Signature Series line-up later this summer,” says Summe-Haas. “We’re pleased to announce that the Series will begin November 14.”


“Looking forward we will continue enhancing our presence within the community and encouraging more people to discover or re-discover Memorial Hall. Memorial Hall is already becoming a sought-after venue due to our excellent customer service, wonderful location, beautiful theatre and gathering spaces,” says Summe-Haas. “Personally, I want to enhance community awareness of this architectural gem and to bring extraordinary performances to the widest possible audience”.


“As you look at your 2014 calendar, we hope that you will find some time to enjoy the hospitality, artistry and pride that has made Memorial Hall one of Cincinnati’s greatest hidden treasures,” she adds.


Memorial Hall is conveniently placed in the heart of the revitalized arts district of Over-the-Rhine. Located at 1225 Elm Street, it’s next door to Music Hall and across from Washington Park.


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