Mio Vino Micro Winery

Mio Vino Micro Winery

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The Deer Park winery combines small-scale charm, a warm atmosphere, and customized wine. Keep reading for all the delicious details.

Mio Vino Winery produces wine to be sold on a local scale and allows guests to create their own bottle of wine.

Mio Vino Micro Winery in Deer Park is a winery that allows you to add a personal touch.

Mio Vino produces a limited amount of its own wine to be sold on a local scale, so the wine is already a boutique wine with a unique touch. Then, you can also bottle your own.

According to Tim Bryant, owner and winemaker of Mio Vino, Mio Vino imports all of its grapes and processes everything on-site. “We have 25 different types of wine from your traditional reds and whites to our fruit blended wines,” he explains.

Making Mio Vino more unique is their process for teaching patrons to create their own wines. Bryant says, “They come in and do a tasting and decide what type of wine they would like to make. We walk them through step by step on making the wine. After the wine is fermented then we walk them through the process of bottling their wine. This includes all the bottles, corks, foils, and the customer designed their own personal label to go on the bottle.”

Tim Bryant, Owner and Winemake of Mio Vino.

Bryant had dreamed for a while of starting his own winery, and it was brought to fruition when founded in 2013. He and his wife had visited multiple wineries, and he loved and was inspired by the atmosphere. He had been making his own wine for some time, and his family and friends all agreed that he should have been doing something along those lines, so when his wife asked him if he could do something different and Bryant responded that he wanted to open a winery, he had her support and encouragement.

Mio Vino prides itself on being “very welcoming place to come and hang out.” In the fall and winter, Mio Vino has live music on the weekends. They serve light appetizers, and customers are allowed to bring their own food in as well.

Mio Vino also hosts a variety of events. Once a month, they host Plant Nite and Paint Nite. On Plant Nite, you can sip wine and create your own succulent terrarium. They also host Open Mic Nights on Tuesdays. Mio Vino has hosted a number of parties and events, ranging from bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and baby showers to company workshops to rehearsal dinners and even four weddings. Mio Vino was also the only wine provider for Cincinnati Pride this year, and hosted a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital on July 22.

Mio Vino is located at 7908 Blue Ash Rd in Deer Park. To learn more, visit http://mio-vino.com, like them on Facebook, or watch the video below.