New Fleet, Lounge at Elements Conference & Event Centre

New Fleet, Lounge at Elements Conference & Event Centre

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Elements Conference & Event Centre added a new lounge and additional transportation
options to accommodate more clients.

Whether you’re arranging a meeting, wedding reception, or just a family gathering, you want it to be memorable and special, but also manageable to plan. You need to find a place, time, date, decorations, and – of course – ways to get everyone there. That’s why, over the years, The Elements Conference & Event Centre has begun to offer everything under one roof.


The Elements Conference & Event Centre consists of a grand ballroom, titled “The Elements Grand,” which can be separated into three smaller rooms named “The Modern Room,” “The Urban Room,” and “The Contemporary Room.” The grand ballroom, which can seat up to 450, allows clients to divide the space for more intimate experiences and each third has the capability to have its own audio-visual system.


“We wanted to have a blank canvas and let each client customize our space to their vision,” says Nidhi Bedi, Director of Sales and Marketing and In-House Event Planner for Elements. “Using this unique opportunity, Elements, allows you to modify your event just the way you picture it.”


It all began in 2008 when Nidhi and her brother, Jay Bedi, decided to join forces to create an entertainment empire. Jay had specifically returned to Cincinnati after years away to get the experience necessary to run the company. Utilizing his production understanding, he opened Elements.


They began holding full-service events at their Sharonville location, including private parties, galas, weddings, special events, and much more. “We knew that we had to focus on the clients and provide them an experience they would never forget,” says Nidhi.


As Elements began to increase in popularity, and the siblings connected more with the community, they expanded their off-site offerings. “Guests would attend our weddings and then call to book here, but we would be sold out. So they started asking us if we could come off-site,” Nidhi says.


The off-site event production, and all her new connections, eventually led Nidhi to develop A Bride‚Äôs Mafia, an individual enterprise aside from Elements that Nidhi refers to as a “one-stop shop in wedding planning.”


“Our brides love our service,” says Jay. “When we would talk to them about expanding, they were our biggest supporters.” That support led Jay to launch a limousine arm of their business, which offers a wide range of transportation options, including a 14-passenger Hummer, a Mercedes, and a large party bus that includes a bar and two televisions.


“With the limousine company, that took off a lot better than we were expecting,” says Jay. “We are very excited that in two years, we’ve grown our fleet to three vehicles.”


Elements’ new fleet additions: a Hummer,
Mercedes and large party bus

Along with expanding into a limousine business, Elements also just opened another lounge. “We wanted a very contemporary lounge for our clients that our hall wasn’t able to accommodate,” says Jay.


Now, with the new lounge, Elements has the ability to accommodate smaller groups, from 10-50, for private parties. “Our brides love it because they can have the after-party in the lounge,” explains Jay. “It’s also great for private cocktail parties or business events.”


With all the business expansions, Elements now boasts an impressive annual line-up: hosting 150 weddings, more than 100 private events, 500 corporate events, and 25 large galas every year. In 2015, Nidhi and Jay plan to open a second Elements location.


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