New Location: Daveed’s Kitchen, Elizabeth’s Closet

New Location: Daveed’s Kitchen, Elizabeth’s Closet

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Husband and wife team David and Liz Cook combine their businesses in one location to provide a deliciously fashionable experience. Read on to learn more.


Daveed’s Kitchen and Elizabeth’s Closet will soon open in a new location.

Daveed’s Kitchen and Elizabeth’s Closet, owned by husband and wife David and Liz Cook, respectively, will be moving to a new location soon, providing customers an easy and fun experience where customers can eat and shop all in one building.

Liz paints a picture of a fun night of eating, drinking, shopping, and being merry at the joint establishment: “You are sitting in Daveed’s Kitchen, waiting for the wonderful food Chef David has been creating for 18 years. While you wait, easy shopping in Elizabeth’s Closet and tasting our great sauces.”

In addition to Daveed’s Kitchen, a restaurant, and Elizabeth’s Closet, a women’s boutique that sells outerwear, handbags, gifts, and jewelry, the shop will also feature the Cooks’ sauce venture, Fatty & Skinny Brand Sauces.

For the past 12 years, Daveed’s Kitchen performed about 75 percent as a catering company, Liz says, so the time had come for David and the restaurant to reinvent themselves. The Cooks sold the Mt. Adams location in 2016. The new location in Madeira, which is slated to open at the end of April 2017, will offer pop-up dinners, cooking classes, Field to Fork meals to go, and catering.

Field to Fork meals to go are unique, locally-inspired lunch and dinner options for pick-up for busy people on the run. Similar to the Field to Fork meals but more closely geared toward corporate luncheons are the Boxed Lunches, and Daveed’s offers Platters to Go for special occasions such as Easter and the Super Bowl.

The pop-up dinners and cooking classes will both be pre-sold events, with a $25 deposit to reserve a space, since seating is limited. The pop-up dinners are an offshoot of the Tapas communal dinner, started 12 years ago in Mt. Adams. “Our Tapas got started due to the turn of the economy and Daveed’s at the time was considered fine dining,” Cook explains. “Chef David and I had to offer an affordable menu to bring in new guests.” The Tapas dinner featured one communal table of 36, 10 small tastes served platter style, and two glasses of wine included for prix-fix price per person.

Fatty & Skinny Brand Sauces and Salsa is David’s other brain-child, created with friends in 2009. All of the fresh, all-natural ingredients are either grown in David’s own garden or selected from local farms and contain no preservatives. They are entirely gluten-free and vegetarian. The wares of this line range from salsa to marinara sauce to barbecue sauce to hot sauce; the newest creation,  Secret Red Gravy, is a marinara sauce made with quality red wine, parmigiano-reggiano cheese, fresh tomatoes, olive oil from Spicy Olive, and herbs.

Elizabeth’s Closet is Liz’s brain-child, opened over seven years ago. Open to the public only by appointment, Elizabeth’s Closet is a boutique love unique fashion jewelry and accessories at affordable prices. Liz travels to New York throughout the year to bring back jewelry, clothing, and accessories that she knows will appeal to her clientele.

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