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Paint and Bake Ceramics

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Paint and Bake Ceramics, located in Cold Spring KY

A Cold Spring, KY-based pottery studio is helping clients, young and old to discover their true artist within.


Paint and Bake Ceramics studio opened in November 2013, and it all began with a local lady’s dream of teaching others how to paint their own pottery. Studio owner Elizabeth Lovejoy says she was first introduced to the art of pottery painting at a studio in Lexington, KY. “I simply fell in love. I worked there throughout high school, most of college and several years after college. I always had a dream of owning my own studio,” she recalls.


As her dream became a reality, Lovejoy now has the opportunity to share her love of pottery painting with every client that comes into her studio. “I love seeing the smiles on customers’ faces, getting to work with all different ages and levels of expertise is truly a joy,” she explains. “But even more rewarding is the sense accomplishment customers leave the studio with. I love the sense of pride they get when they see their finished piece at pick up.”


Customers can come in to the studio and select from over 300 pieces of pottery to paint. The staff provides a selection of over 50 colors, stamps, stencils, dot makers and other design aids. In addition, customers don’t have to worry about their limited creative experience. “My staff is very well versed in many painting tips and tricks to help people make the creation they want,” says Lovejoy. After the customer is satisfied with their creation the ceramic piece is left at the studio to be glazed and fired. All pieces are ready in 4 to 7 days, although the studio generally has a five-day turnaround. Paint and Bake Ceramics guarantees all pieces are food safe after being fired.


Among the services provided, Paint and Bake Ceramics also conducts Summer Camps for children ages 6 and up. This year, there were approximately nine camps featuring different themes, such as a Super Hero Camp, Princess Camp, Under the Sea Camp and Monsters Camp. Each child can create five ceramic projects as well as additional arts and crafts with the theme of their choice. During the summer camp, the studio provides snacks and drinks to the attendees and on the last day of the camp all projects can be taken home.


Lovejoy takes particular pride in their ability to be flexible with customers. The studio is open Monday-Saturday from 10 to 9 p.m. and Sundays 12 to 6 p.m. Aspiring painters of any age are welcomed in for walk-ins at anytime and do not have to set up an appointment to come in. There are no studio fees so the only thing a customer needs to pay for is the piece and the sales tax. Item prices range from $2 and $125, but approximately 80 percent of the items in the studio are priced between $16 and $30.


As the business continues to grow, Lovejoy remains passionate about her craft and educating the public. The mission statement for Paint and Bake Ceramics is “Fear no art,” which is a way to help customers put their guard down and explore the arts. “I believe that art should be fun and not scary,” Lovejoy explains. She also adds, “We want everyone to have an amazing experience, young and old.” And as her team gears up for the busy holiday shopping, Lovejoy remains focused on one thing. “I want to share my love of art with the masses, one piece of pottery at a time.”


Paint and Bake Ceramics is located at 3972 Alexandria Pike, Cold Spring, Kentucky. For more information, visit or call 859-415-1909.