Party like Picasso at Paint by the Glass

Party like Picasso at Paint by the Glass

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Is winter giving you the blues? Make life more colorful at Paint by the Glass, a West Chester-based art studio and gallery.


Since 2011, Paint by the Glass has incorporated art, alcohol, and a fun atmosphere to create a new type of experience in Cincinnati. “Attending a class or event at Paint by the Glass is such a fun way to spend a night,” says Paint by the Glass owner Karrie Mushaben. “It’s great for people looking for different things to do. Anyone can come in, enjoy a drink, paint, and socialize.”


The inspiration for Paint by the Glass came from a vacation Mushaben had taken prior to opening her business. “My husband and I went to a painting studio in North Carolina as a fun thing to do,” she recalls. “We had never painted before, but we went in, painted, had a glass of wine, and really enjoyed ourselves! When we came home, I knew that Cincinnati would be the perfect place for a studio like that.”


While Mushaben used her experience in North Carolina as a starting point, there are aspects of Paint by the Glass that are uniquely their own. Paint by the Glass provides all customers with canvases that already have a design traced on them by their artist, Ashley Johnston. The artist also provides step by step instruction to help customers create their art. There is also a fully stocked bar with wine and beer as well as music ranging from today’s hits to the greatest hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Paint by the Glass owner Karrie Mushaben


“We wanted our classes energetic as well as make them very convenient for our customers,” she explains. “We provide customers with a pre-traced canvas, so all they have to do is paint!”


Aside from the canvases they provide, customers can paint wine glasses or other objects, like pumpkins, that fit a specific season. These items are offered at different times throughout the year to keep customers surprised and allow previous customers to return and create new things each time.


Providing a bar to clients is a large part of Paint by the Glass’ appeal. “People can just show up and not have to worry about bringing a bottle, wine glasses, or corkscrews,” says Mushaben. “It is a way for them to relax and socialize while they create a work of art.”


Paint by the Glass provides their art instruction and relaxed atmosphere at great prices. For thirty-five dollars, a customer can attend a regularly held class on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday evening from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and be given art materials, pre sketching from the artist, step by step instruction, and appetizers.


In addition to these regular classes, Paint by the Glass has different event and parties options to offer. Thursdays are Ladies Night, where women only have to pay twenty five dollars to receive all the art materials and instruction provided on the other nights. Paint by the Glass also has host children’s parties, bachelorette parties, and corporate parties, and private parties.


Paint by the Glass has a philanthropic side as well. Through their “Paint Your Own Pet” nights, customers can send a picture of their pet which will be sketched on a canvas before you arrive for your class. These nights cost forty dollars per person, and ten dollars goes to whatever charity is being sponsored that night. Past charities have included Homeward Bound Greyhound Association, Three Sisters Pet Rescue, Paul’s Adoptions Center, and the Cincinnati Pit Crew.


“We accommodate everyone,” explains Mushaben, “whether you’re the best painter or have horrible art class flashbacks, our customers have a great time creating a wonderful piece of art for their own enjoyment.”


For more information on Paint by the Glass, visit their website at or their Facebook page.