Pipkin’s Market

Pipkin’s Market

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A local produce and flower market is open year-round and offers fun classes to help you grow at home! Read on for all the dirt-diggin' details!


Pipkin’s Market has an indoor produce area for grocery shopping as well as a garden center.

Pipkin’s Market opened in 1983 after Steve Pipkin was inspired from working in a similar market in Louisville, Kentucky. He encouraged his brother, Ben Pipkin, to join him in the business endeavor of starting a market in Cincinnati. The two bothers – Steve and Ben are co-owners of the market. 

The market started out with just fresh produce, and then three years later, they added flowers to their market

Ben shares the many things that can be found within Pipkin’s market: “Fresh fruits and vegetables, we get a lot of stuff from local people when available in the spring, summer, and fall.” 

Unlike some other markets, Pipkin’s is open year-round. There’s also an inside of the market where customers can buy groceries. 

Another aspect that Pipkin’s Market has is their garden center. “We also have a garden center which is extremely busy in May. We have bedding plants for flowers and vegetables for gardens and some trees and shrubs and pottery and fall décor, says Ben. 

Pipkin’s Market also offers gardening classes for customers.

Pipkin’s not only sells produce and flowers but, also teaches local customers in the garden center. The class schedules for 2018 are not yet available but when they are there’s many different classes one can go to. 

“There are some classes in the garden center. Those can be found on our website,” says Ben. “Different classes on different aspects of planting, growing, designing garden, landscapes. It changes every week, so there’s always a different class.”

Ben talks about the Spring and what it brings to Pipkin’s Market: “The store is full of good stuff in the spring. Lots and lots and lots of varieties of plants for sale. Then were starting to get in local stuff like local asparagus starts to show up and late April/May and that’s the kick off for local produce. But, the exciting thing really are people are excited about seeing the flowers.” 

According to Pipkin’s Facebook page they just got in some pansies for the spring. They also announced they have a selection of ranunculus, primrose and hellebores. 

Ben encourages people to, “come in and see what we got. Pipkin’s Market is located at 5035 Cooper Road in Cincinnati, or you can check out their website.