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Queen City Concierge

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Inspired to give others more time doing the things they love, one Cincinnati-based man is helping busy moms with a new on-demand concierge service.


Ever wish you had more hours in the day to complete everything on your to-do list? THat’s why Bryce Maynard launched Queen City Concierge.

“Queen City Concierge is an on-demand, full service, personal concierge that is based in downtown Cincinnati,” explains Maynard. “Our mission is to give busy moms and professionals more time to do the things they love.

Maynard was inspired to launch his own concierge service because he knows that there are so many out there who have things going on that we never get around to because of other responsibilities.

“Queen City Concierge is going to change that,” he says. “I want to be able to give my clients something none of us can ever buy back, time.”

He wants busy moms to spend more time with their children, spouse, friends, community, and whatever else it is that they’re passionate about. “I grew up in a family of incredibly strong women who all had an inherent drive to take care of everyone around them,” he says. “It did not matter who you were or where you came from, if you came to our house, my family would do anything and everything to make our guests comfortable.”

This family philosophy had a major impact on Maynard, so much so that it’s had an influence on everything he’s done in his life. He says it made him the hard working and detail-oriented person that he is today.

“As my great-grandmother always told me, ‘If you have the ability to help anyone, you’re the luckiest person in the world,’” adds Maynard.

Maynard is the sole founder and operator of Queen City Concierge. He’s lived in Cincinnati for the last five years after moving to the Queen City from Springfield, Ohio. “Cincinnati was starting to become the hot spot for startups and I had to get in on the action,” he says. “I’ve worked as the Marketing Manager of Cincinnati for Uber as well as for Jimmy Gibson of Jimmy G’s as his marketing and sales manager.”

When you shop for concierge services from Queen City Concierge, you’ll find a variety of services such as grocery shopping, light housekeeping, entire home deep cleaning, “wait for” services, home organization, pet services, shopping, special and emergency delivery, party and event staffing, new parent help, home checks and house sitting, moving assistance, and anything else you may need help with.

Maynard says that what makes Queen City Concierge unique is its “on-demand” services and the business model it utilizes. “Our clients aren’t locked into a contract and call us only when they need us,” he says. “I will have to say that this is pretty unique for a person my age to be doing something like this, let alone a young guy starting a concierge business. Being the new guy on the block only gives me that much more of a reason to go above and beyond for my clients.”

Queen City Concierge will continue to help locals accomplish the tasks they need done without sacrificing time with the ones they love. Maynard says Queen City Concierge recently started their gift wrapping services for the holidays. They’re also currently in the process of developing a virtual assistant service for clients that includes answering phones, researching for purchases, client emails, managing schedules and travel arrangements, and more.

Maynard says you can learn more about Queen City Concierge at www.queencc.co. Or you can follow along on Facebook, send an email to bryce@queencc.co, or call 513-268-6890.


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