Queen City PhotoBooths

Queen City PhotoBooths

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Learn about the husband and wife team that’s bringing tons of fun to your special event with a new business they launched to capture their creativity.


Queen City PhotoBooth brings a fun photobooth experience to Cincinnati area events.

When Marcia Espinola’s husband Ken Henderson approached her about opening up their own business, she wasn’t so fond of the idea. But when he brought up the idea of launching a photobooth company, the concept started to grow on her.

Queen City PhotoBooths also brings along props to make your experience event better.

“He thought it would be a way to convince me [to start our own business] as I love photography, graphic design, and most importantly, as a Brazilian native, I love parties,” says Espinola. “And, as he predicted, he was right on the spot.”

Today, the couple owns Queen City PhotoBooths (Q City for short), a company that provides fun for any event including weddings, school functions, corporate events, and so much more.

“We bring out booths and props, people just need to bring their smiles and creativity,” says Espinola.

Following each photo session, event attendees receive a copy of their pictures on a 2×6 photo strip. Additionally, says Espinola, the photos are also posted on the Q City website and Facebook page.

The booths from Q City are very different from the photo booths you see at the mall. “We utilize top-quality equipment, such as our camera and printer,” says Espinola. “We have an enclosed version of our booth that can comfortably fit four people as well as an open version, which allows for larger groups.”

The services from Q City are fully customized. Henderson and Espinola do not work with pre-made templates for their photo strips. “Instead, we start every single one of them from scratch and try to make them exactly how our customer’s envision them,” she says.

Queen City PhotoBooths prints out photo strips and gives a USB individual photos you can print yourself.

They can also customize their green screen to include monograms, logos, etc. “As an added bonus to our customers, we also take pictures from the outside of the booth, capturing the whole photo booth experience,” says Espinola.

To learn more, visit Queen City PhotoBooths at www.qcityphotobooths.com or like them on Facebook.