Raising the Bar: Trivia to Think While You Drink

Raising the Bar: Trivia to Think While You Drink

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101711SOCIAL.jpgIf given the chance, would you dominate on Jeopardy or Who Wants to be a Millionaire? From the comfort of your own home and out of the pressure of the hot seat, you breeze through each question thinking, "Oh, I so know this!" But who’s around to challenge your great intellect or marvel at your capacity for general knowledge?


It’s lonely at the top, so gather up a brainy bunch of friends and showcase your smarts by playing trivia at one of Last Call Productions’ many local venues or at the ultra-hip bar, Mayday Northside.


Last Call Productions hosts trivia nights at 67 Cincinnati-area bars and restaurants. From Loveland to Dent, Hebron to West Chester, you and a team of up to six can imbibe, eat and compete in a six-round game of trivia. Questions are mostly general knowledge with a mix of science, history, arts and pop culture trivia. Sometimes the questions are theme-based, so it wouldn’t hurt to have a well-versed Trekkie or cinefile as team members, as they’ll likely prove themselves useful. The host will explain all the rules, but shouting answers and using any tech device is strictly prohibited.


There’s strategy in wagering points based on the team’s confidence of answers, and bonus rounds can offer an edge over other teams. And to the victors go the spoils: Typically gift cards to the hosting venue are rewarded, so you and your team can celebrate your win on the house.


"Trivia creates a natural sense of competition between everyone. People get really into it, and we see teams sometimes compete six to seven times a week at our different vendors," says Aiden Williams, Last Call Productions’ Cincinnati manager. "Typically, trivia will bring in the young professional crowd, but all are welcomed. Anyone from an eight-year-old to even my 90-year-old grandparents love to play."


For the geek chic crowd that likes the neighborhood bar feel, Mayday Northside comes alive on Tuesday nights. Hostess Merrilee Luke-Ebbeler comes up with all the questions herself and gives a really unique trivia show, replete with her witty and dry sense of humor.


Participants see a lot of familiar faces each week as Mayday retains a devout trivia crowd, and even the bartender will get in on the noggin-testers.


"Everyone is nice and just hanging out. It really has that homegrown feel you get in Northside, where you know everybody and can drink fantastic, cheap bourbon and eat great food," Mayday co-owner Vanessa Barber says. "You’ll find hipsters, young professionals and older neighborhood locals just enjoying their friends, and all are welcome to stay as late as they want."


And Mayday offers patrons a chance to compete in its Slurring Bee, which is essentially a drunk spelling bee. For those who swear their IQs increase with libations, participation is a must. Look for this every third Thursday of the month.


Oh, and the answer to that first trivia question is Antarctica. I know it was too easy, but this is just a warm up.

Check out the webcast below (courtesy of Cincinnati State) to learn more about trivia night at Mayday.

Trivia at Mayday from Cincinnati State Audio/Video on Vimeo.