Redline Beverage Company

Redline Beverage Company

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Kentucky is rich in spirit heritage. From the days of prohibition and bootlegging to today’s Bourbon Trail, Kentuckians know their way around the beverage industry. This history continues to grow thanks to the Redline Beverage Company, based in Union, KY.


Developed by a group of friends (who asked to remain anonymous), Redline Beverage Company is pioneering a new niche in adult beverages with Fuel Moonshines and Whiskeys. “The company really got started as the four of us are all very good friends. We started talking and it all escalated from there,” says one of Redline Beverage Company’s co-founders. “Next thing we know, we were having weekly meetings and researching how to build the product.”


The Redline Beverage Company has been in development of its first product, Fuel Moonshine, for nearly two years. During this time, the founding friends have been focusing on market research, testing flavors, trademarking the name, and package design.


“Everything we’ve done so far is through research,” says the co-founder. “Each flavor developed has been tested with various panels; ranging in age, sex, and socioeconomic status. We aren’t developing something in hopes that people will buy it, we are building products based on the real-life feedback we get from real people.”


The unique flavors of this “Modern Day Moonshine” include: Vanilla Cream, Devils Fruit, Squeeze, Peach Habanero, and the original “Number 1.”


“Don’t let the flavors fool you,” says the co-founder. “Unlike our competition, Fuel Moonshine maintains a full 80 proof and doesn’t sacrifice anything by cramming the bottle full of fruit. All of our amazing palate pleasers are flavor infused – so drink it straight or use as a mixer and we are sure that you will find a way to ‘shine.'”


The Redline Beverage Company now has the necessary approvals on both their recipes and labels, and are beginning the search for a suitor to bring the product to a shelf near you. To get your hands on some of their unique moonshine flavors, ask your local watering hole, grocer, or liquor store if they have the Fuel.


In looking to the future, the Redline Beverage Company hopes to continue their focus on the motorsports demographic with their uniquely flavored spirits, and eventually become a national brand.


To learn more about Fuel Moonshine and the Redline Beverage Company, e-mail or visit their Facebook page.