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Roar Boudoir Photography

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We chat with two local photographers about their body-positive studio that focuses on the beauty of intimate boudoir shoots. Read on for all the candid details.

Paige Pederzani and Anna Penny started Roar Boudoir Photography in June 2014 to turn their passion for photography into a blooming business.

Paige Pederzani started dabbling in photography when her father gave her a Canon SLR A-1 as a child. Since her family was in the Navy, Pederzani frequently moved during childhood, which fostered her love for traveling and capturing the beauty of art and history. As a professional photographer, Pederzani says, “Once I get to a shoot, it never feels like work!”

Anna Penny shares the same passion for photography. She has lived in Cincinnati nearly all her life and in 2007 honed in on her love for what turned into more than merely taking pictures. She started shooting professionally in 2009, and, much like Pederzani, still loves what she does every day.

Together the two started Roar Boudoir Photography in June 2014. Boudoir is a French word that roughly translates to a woman’s bedroom or a private sitting room. Given the origin of the word, this type of photography focuses on highlighting one’s best features in a bedroom or other romantic areas.

Pederzani and Penny find inspiration in different ways during their shoots. “It’s all in the little details—the way your lips part, the curve in the small of your back and the nape of your neck,” Pederzani explains. “I love being able to focus on parts of the body that go unnoticed normally. Photography is great vehicle for that.”

Penny, however, looks for smiles and personality. “I really love portrait photography because I love people,” she says. “I love playful posing, chasing light, cracking a joke and making someone laugh. There’s something singularly rewarding about making a person feel comfortable in their own skin and, specifically, boudoir photography is a really powerful way to achieve that.”

According to Pederzani and Penny, because boudoir photography is so personal, many people can feel uncomfortable at first. To help their clients relax, the two help with posing. “I’m extremely fond of the art of posing, and am influenced greatly by works of Helmut Newton and Christian Coigny,” Pederzani says. “The playing of light and the shapes you can create with the human form are endless.”

Roar isn’t your typical boudoir photography company, though. “We offer two professional photographers at every shoot. That’s two points of view, two different creative styles and an overall broader range in your finished images,” Pederzani explains. “We also have a dedicated boudoir studio, which sets us apart from some other local boudoir photographers. We’re able to book more shoots as we can get into our shooting space anytime 24/7. We also have a plethora of props and accessories for your use.”

Having their own studio in the Pendleton Art Center offers a more private experience and they have an all-female staff, which is important to many of their clients. They also have several other locations throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, providing various locations to fit their clients’ styles. Between Pederzani’s editorial style and Penny’s traditional approach, the two produce a wide spectrum of images from each session.

Promoting a body-positive environment is also important to the shutterbug duo. “You don’t have to look like anyone but yourself,” Pederzani says. “We want to help you see how amazing and beautiful you really are and we know that sometimes it takes an outside eye.”

Aside from encouraging all shapes and sizes, they also encourage men and anyone who identifies as LGBT to schedule shoots.

“When we started Roar, we wanted to make sure we didn’t exclude anyone,” Pederzani says. “We made sure every page of our website said that we were LGBT-friendly. We’d also love to do a ‘dudeoir’ shoot for any man, no matter what he’s got between his legs or who he chooses to love. If you’re on the fence about doing a boudoir shoot because you’re concerned about being accepted by your photographer, please know that’s not going to be a problem at Roar Boudoir. We will cater our shoot to you and your needs and requests.”

Given the intimate nature of these shoots, their sharing is done privately. If you give Roar permission to share your photos, rest assured that they will never expose your whole name online. They want to show off your photos, but if you don’t, that’s fine too. Roar has three session options: solo, marathon and party. Whether you want to go at it alone or with all of your best friends, they are more than happy to work with you in any shoot you choose.

Destiny Ropati, their main stylist, is there to help you get ready the day of your shoot if you need some assistance. In the future, they plan to partner with BrideFace for bridal makeup packages coming in January.

“Roar Boudoir is about self confidence, beauty, and empowerment, so if our goals are the same, then let’s shoot,” Pederzani says.

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