Step Outside the “Doing” of Life

Step Outside the “Doing” of Life

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Harmony Farm in Tipp City, Ohio, offers a peaceful oasis

Imagine yourself driving down a winding lane through the thick of nature, where there lies a peaceful place for you to find peace and quiet. While it sounds like an oasis you’d only find in the mountains of Montana or the valleys of Colorado, it’s actually close by at Harmony Farm in Tipp City, Ohio.


Harmony Farm provides 120 acres of rolling fields and woods along the Great Miami River, allowing you to step away from your busy life into a tranquil, beautiful setting. At Harmony Farm, they have two facilities: Discover and The Heart Center, which both provide space for the healing arts, retreats and educational workshops. The space also provides a beautiful 11-circuit labyrinth, a number of gardens and walking paths, and a grotto with a hot tub, waterfall and a gentle stream that flows into a pond. Rental space is also available for groups such as corporate meetings, family gatherings and small weddings.


Harmony Farm was started in 1989 by Barbara and Bill Brewer as a Wellness and Education Center. It initially only offered massage therapy, workshops, classes and retreats. However, the services have expanded over the years to include many healing modalities, attracting many gifted experts and teachers.


They decided to pursue Biodynamic® farming after illness came upon one of their most important members. “Our mother, Barbara, developed breast cancer in 2001 and chose to pursue treatment through Anthroposophic Medicine,” says Cheri Dinsmore, daughter of founder Barbara Brewer, who is now President of the center. “She immersed herself into the anthroposophic treatments which included eating biodynamically grown fruits and vegetables and thought it was something that we should explore,” Dinsmore explains.


This philosophy is based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and is used as a complement to conventional medicine. “It views health as a matter of mind-body-spirit balance, using treatment for the whole being through conventional methods along with holistic methods,” says Dinsmore.


Harmony Farm is also a certified organic and Biodynamic® farming operation, growing lavender, other herbs and hay. “Our farming is done with the intent to support and revitalize the soil, which means to achieve sustainability,” says Dinsmore. They plan to have their own herbal product line for sale by year end. These will be available at the farm and on-line and include lavender oil, lip balms, creams and salves.


A long-envisioned dream of theirs is becoming a reality. In June, Dr. Gwen Harmon and her husband Gordon Smith began moving their medical practice from Vandalia to the Heart Center at Harmony Farm. In addition to offering chiropractic care and being a medical intuitive, Dr. Harmon’s expertise is working with natural hormone balancing with both men and women. Gordon brings experience as a licensed massage therapist; board certified acupuncturist and works with Pointing Therapy.


Harmony Farm will also be having a workshop with Worldwide Labyrith Leader, Lauren Artress, in October. “She will be walking the labyrinth with us and talking about how it can be a calming and inspirational source in our stressful lives,” says Dinsmore. “This is a rare opportunity for her to lecture in the Midwest so I invite people to come and experience her teachings.”


“Harmony Farm is a place of ‘Being,’ a place to step outside the ‘doing’ of life and connect to your own inner wisdom, connect to the Divine within,” says Dinsmore. “You can’t really experience Harmony Farm without coming here yourself.”


You can experience Harmony Farm through healing arts, workshops, classes, personalized and corporate retreats or come to walk the labyrinth. The labyrinth is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday and there is a free meditation circle the first Thursday of every month.


Harmony Farm is located at 5578 S State Route 202, Tipp City, OH 45371. T learn more, go to