Storyteller: Loft Talent

Storyteller: Loft Talent

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A local mom helped her child’s dreams of modeling and acting come true, and now she launched an agency to help others break into the business. Keep reading to learn her star-studded story of success.


“It’s not just about looks, you have to have a good heart. I believe in putting positive vibes out there – because that’s what’s going to come back to you.”

At Loft Talent, this is the way they operate.

Diane Werner, owner and agent at Loft Talent, was inspired to start her company when her son, age 22, was discovered at Butler University in Indianapolis three years ago. After taking interest, she began sending his photos out until they were approached by several agencies in the Cincinnati area, all of which offered to sign him.

“From there, Kory got signed in L.A. through the agency we selected and we lived out there for a time,” says Werner. “I actually starting helping them and I really loved what I was doing. I found that I was good at it and other parents were telling me that I should be doing this for a living because I was a ‘natural’.”

Once returning to Cincinnati, Werner decided to take this advice. “I realized that there was so much more creative power that I wanted to have, so I created my own company,” she says. “We opened our doors March 10, 2015 and hit the ground running.”

Since that time, Loft has gotten three (potentially four) of their people signed in L.A. with agencies. “One of my actors is in a $100M movie, Allegiant Part 1, which hit theaters March 18,” Werner reveals. “We also recently got one of our guys to meet with the executive producers of a major cable TV network series, where he’s probably going to be on a reality series.”

As for the agents that Loft clients have signed with – they have talent on the Twilight series, Hunger Games, Modern Family and CW shows – just to name a few. “We’re looking at people from Cincinnati who could potentially end up in some really big roles,” says Werner.

What is the secret behind Werner’s success? It’s her ability to look at situations from not only an agent standpoint, but also a mother standpoint. “The difference between my agency and other agencies in the area is that I’m a mother of an actor – someone who has the same dreams and goals of those that I represent,” she says. “I’m able to put myself in their shoes and talk to them about the same concerns and overwhelming feelings I had while sitting in that same chair.”

For Werner, it’s all about helping kids achieve something that they love doing. “They always tell me that they want to inspire people the same way famous actors have inspired them,” she explains. “It’s a really cool feeling to be able to help them do that.”

As for the future of Loft Talent, Werner’s main goal is to continue helping her clients achieve whatever it is that they want to achieve. “It feels really good to help them be happy with what they do,” she says. “I absolutely love my ‘job’. I get to work with so many creative minds and talented people every day. Who gets to do that?”

For more information on Loft Talent or how to become a Loft model, contact Werner directly at, give her a call at (513) 707-8733 or check out their website at

Their client base ranges anywhere from 5-years-old to adult.

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