Tea Around the Queen City

Tea Around the Queen City

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080111SOCIAL.jpgSadly, one cannot just fall down the rabbit hole and end up having a tea party in Wonderland, although every little girl might wish that at some point. Well, stop wishing, and check out these local tea houses to fulfill lingering childhood wishes.


The Milford Tea Room
Owner Cheryl Flaherty says she believes the Milford Tea Room has a romantic nature and that it gives the guests a nice feeling when they come in. Flaherty says that the atmosphere is comfortable, not rushed and that one can come for hours and just talk. This tea house plays classical music while patrons enjoy homemade food.


Additionally, this place pays attention to detail, Flaherty says. It uses fresh plants and flowers for decorations, and it also uses antiques, linens, china and napkins. The tea room tries to keep the decoration "authentically old," Flaherty says.


It does bridal parties, baby showers and children tea parties. Also, the Milford Tea Room sells antique dishes and teapots. The week of September 7 will mark the tea room’s first anniversary through a celebration, during which each customer will be given a free slice of lemon curd cake with his or her meal that week.


For more information about this location, check out its blog.


Tea Cozy Cottage
The Tea Cozy Cottage
will have been opened 7 years this coming October. The owners are a married couple, Michelle and Christian Boyles. This tea house is a free-standing cottage located behind Old Heritage restaurant that has three themed color rooms: green, blue and yellow. People can come to this tea house in their everyday clothing, but some still decide to dress up. The goal of the tea room is to make it feel like home, says Michelle.


It’s only open on two weekends per month (on Saturdays and Sundays 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.), and customers have to call for reservations. The Tea Cozy Cottage will ask if the patrons have any dietary restrictions when reservations are made, and the day of the meal, customers enjoy a four-course meal made just specifically for the reserving party. They use fresh ingredients and have 72 varieties of tea, Michelle says. They have also occasionally themed teas. Michelle says that she wants the customers to have a warm experience when people eat there. She wants them to relax and take their time for themselves.


Mrs. Teapots
The owner of Mrs. Teapots is Paula Gallo-Knight. This place has been open for 6 years to give patrons the feel of an English tea room, Gallo-Knight says. It is open daily for lunch Tuesdays through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Its menu now offers paninis, along with soup, salads and sandwiches. Mrs. Teapots also makes its own desserts: The bread pudding is made from a recipe Gallo-Knight got from her mother. She sells tea for you to take home as well. If customers can’t stop in for a lunch, they could have a private tea party instead. On Sundays Mrs. Teapots has bridal parties or baby showers here for fifteen or more guests. Also, the first Friday of the month, it will be open for dinner because of the event, Shop Bellevue.


Windmill Coffee
And last but not least is Windmill Coffee. Although it is not a tea house, it’s a new venue with a similar atmosphere. Owner Jill Gibboney opened Windmill Coffee four months ago.


Employees often are greeted with a "Thank God you’re here!" Gibboney says, as there was a need for an independent, quality local coffee place in Northern Kentucky. Now that need has been satisfied, she says. Like many of the tea rooms profiled, this is a very comfortable and friendly place to come and chill, Gibboney says.


Although it has a casual appearance, the staff will make customers feel very welcomed because they have so much personality. This coffeehouse tries to keep everything as local as possible. They make things such as quiche to cakes, and other baked goods come from Sweet William’s Bakery. The only thing not local is the tea, which they make sure they get fair trade, Gibboney says. Also, they are one of the only local Northern Kentucky places that uses La Terza coffee, she says.


So, stop wishing you could go to a magical tea party in Wonderland, and focus on the tea rooms around the Cincinnati area.