The Inspired Soul Retreat

The Inspired Soul Retreat

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Two artists-turned-relaxation enthusiasts are launching a weekend retreat to help you reconnect with yourself and your talents. Learn more about this life-changing event and how you can get involved.

Anna Sokol and Catherine Derrow, the dynamic duo behind The Inspired Soul Retreat

Imagine heading out for a weekend to soak in the natural beauty of Hocking Hills while reconnecting with yourself and your talents. Sound nice? Inspired Soul Retreat is designed to do just that, and it’s coming up September 24-27 at the Fallswood Lodge in Hocking Hills, Ohio.

“The Inspired Soul Retreat is a unique opportunity for creative women to take a break from their busy schedules to rejuvenate and create,” says Anna Sokol, one of the event’s hostesses and the owner of Art with Anna, an art studio in Bexley, Ohio. “Participants of all experiences levels are encouraged to attend. It’s a chance to turn off the electronics, get away from the hustle and bustle and just breathe.”

The retreat is co-hosted by Sokol and Catherine Derrow, an enthusiastic and dynamic teacher who promises to bring plenty of energy to the classes she’ll be teaching at the Inspired Soul Retreat. “It’s designed to honor and build up each participant and to help each person find their own best self,” Sokol explains.

The Inspired Soul Retreat is a dream come true for Sokol and Derrow. Sokol is an accomplished artist and entrepreneur who wanted to make more time for relaxation, exercise and yoga as her business’ success continued to grow. Derrow, a busy yoga and fitness instructor, found an inner desire to express herself creatively through art. Together, the duo felt they each had something unique to offer, and from which, other women would benefit.

Sokol says that guests attending the Inspired Soul Retreat will have a variety of sessions and classes to enjoy throughout the weekend. There will be two sessions of yoga each day, a more invigorating practice in the morning and a relaxing session in the evening. She says each day will start off with a guided meditation.

The group will complete an art project each day to help you tap into your creative, inspired soul, she says. “The lessons provided will begin to build upon the next to have a complete masterpiece at the end of our retreat,” Sokol explains, adding that participants should be willing to take risks and possibly make mistakes as part of the learning process.

You’ll also have time to be inside your own mind each day. There will plenty of time in the afternoon to relax on the deck of the lodge, read a book, take a hike, chat with new friends or explore something new on your own.

The cost to participate in the Inspired Soul Retreat is $399 per “yogartist” as the duo calls their event participants.

To learn more about the Inspired Soul Retreat or to purchase your ticket, click here.