The Sage Woman

The Sage Woman

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Kimberly Pridemore, the “Sage Woman”

Living a chaotic life and searching for answers? Kimberly Pridemore, the Sage Woman, can help you align with your inner spiritual authority to discover your soul’s calling and reason for being.


Sage Woman is a Shamanic Priestess, Ordained Minister and Intuitive. She spent three decades in the modeling, fashion and personal empowerment industries before becoming a Spiritual Life Coach and Ordained Minister six years ago. “Much of my work in those industries revolved around personal development, empowerment and inner beauty,” explains Pridemore.


She is also the author of her newly published book, Connecting with the Goddess Within: Live a Magical, Mystical Life filled with Miracles and has her own column at Infinity Wellness Magazine, called “Ask Sage Woman: Spiritual Advice for the Real World.” In addition, she is the co-host of “Inner Divinity-Knowing the Source Within” on WAIF 88.3 FM in Cincinnati every Wednesday from 2-3 p.m.


Her work as an Intuitive is a gift Pridemore has been tapped into since she was four years old. “I’ve always been an Intuitive,” she adds, “I’ve now been doing readings for over 30 years.” Her sessions combine Vibrational Healing, Prosperity Consciousness, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Energy Healing, Goddess/Chakra Life Coaching, and Tarot Readings. As a Spiritual Counselor and Intuitive, she combines many life enhancing tools to help you clear limiting beliefs and make empowered choices to create a more fulfilling life. “I’m here to assist you in co-creating the prosperous joyful like that is your birthright,” she says. “It’s my life’s work to reawaken others to their higher purpose and souls truth.”


Her passion is combining creativity and spirituality to assist others in finding their own personal power, through readings, workshops, Goddess circles and individual Spiritual life coaching. Her journey of finding self love and inner peace is the motivation behind her work as an Intuitive and life coach. “It is so important to have a sense of inner peace and self love,” says Pridemore.


“I believe that my life’s experiences and authenticity is what makes what I do so unique,” she adds. “I am heart-centered and feel that everyone is intuitive and has the wisdom within. I spent many years in struggle of my own truths and along the way those struggles have become my medicine and my gifts.”


Readings and Spiritual Life coaching prices are $25 for 15 minutes, $45 for a half-hour, and $70 for an hour-long session. She is also available for corporate and private parties as an Intuitive and tarot reader, and will be offering a variety of workshops monthly. You can find a list of these workshops and classes at


Her studio is located at 46 East Mulberry Street in Lebanon, where walk-ins are welcome every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. To schedule an appointment, call (513) 490-4693 or e-mail Pridemore at