The Urban Abode on 4th Street

The Urban Abode on 4th Street

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Check out this Airbnb located in the heart of downtown that offers a contemporary-designed space perfect for an event, recharging and reconnecting while traveling, or on a Cincinnati staycation.


The Urban Abode on 4th Street fits one to two guests and is a unique bed and breakfast experience in Cincinnati.

The Urban Abode on 4th Street is a one of a kind bed and breakfast located in downtown Cincinnati designed with couples and business travelers in mind.

This classical contemporary style studio is fit for one to two guests at a time and was created by owner Morgan Rigaud, a fan of bed and breakfasts since she was a child.

After warming up her husband Eddie to the idea of opening up their own residence for guests, the couple began searching for the perfect getaway and living space for themselves.

After two and a half years of looking at real estate, the ideal place to capture the Riguad’s vision was founded.

“It’s perfect for locals looking for a staycation and regional travelers who are close enough to say, “Why don’t we spend tonight downtown? Let’s book an AirBnB,”’ says Riguad.

The Urban Abode has an open style floor plan that includes a living space, kitchen, dining area, and a spa bath.

Cheeky details and little luxuries are tucked into every aspect of this AirBnB’s experience – from handwoven rugs to quirky gold dinosaurs and organic shampoo to fuzzy bathrobes and slippers.

“On display are antique tribal rugs and some fun, playful graphic prints made by our friends at BLDG in Covington; a collection of plants scattered throughout the apartment, along with musical instruments, art & history books, board games, and even my husband’s collection of early WIRED magazines,” says Riguad.

Morgan Rigaud, Owner of the Urban Abode on 4th Street

With eight years in the art appraisal business, Riguad took inspiration for the Urban Abode from museums, libraries, and some private collections.

“It’s quietly cosmopolitan, thoughtfully curated and our guests have many options,” says Rigaud.

With corporations such as GE, P&G, and Western and Southern Financial a street away, Riguad says the location is perfect for those traveling for business.

The building that holds the abode was constructed in 1852, but has been renovated to include a number of premium comforts such as a skylight, jacuzzi tub, and built-in bluetooth speakers without losing it’s historic charm.  

“The spa bath is perhaps the most unforgettable feature of the apartment,” says Rigaud.

The Urban Abode on 4th Street is wrapping up their third month in business with weekends being their most popular bookings and weeknights found available on a whim.

The Rigauds have fallen in love with experience design and are putting the finishing touches on their third experience to list on AirBnB, which will be located in the same building as the abode.

Whether guests are in search of a peaceful retreat to catch up on some sleep or a place to get ready for a night out, Rigaud says you can find that in the Urban Abode on 4th Street.

“You’ll feel like you are anywhere but in the middle of downtown Cincinnati, yet you can step out our door and walk to Cincinnati’s best restaurants, stadiums, art museums, and world-class parks,” says Rigaud.

For booking information, click here to check out the Urban Abode on 4th Street’s Airbnb listing.