The Wildflower Cafe

The Wildflower Cafe

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A local eatery is making the concept of eating at grandma’s house a reality with its farm-to-table food, a friendly gathering spot and an exciting expansion on the horizon! Read on for more.

The Wildflower Cafe in Mason wants you to feel like you're dining at grandma's with farm-to-table freshness.
The Wildflower Cafe in Mason wants you to feel like you’re dining at grandma’s with farm-to-table freshness.

The goal behind The Wildflower Cafe in downtown Mason is to make you feel like you’re eating at owner Todd Husdon’s grandmother’s home with the family. Hudson, who in addition to being the owner of The Wildflower, is also the chef who cooks your meal.

Opened in 2008, The Wildflower is a gathering place for people who want to join in on great farm-to-table cuisine, lively companionship and wonderful wine.

“I want people to connect on a deep level, and food and wine are a great avenue to achieve that goal,” says Hudson. “I’m constantly trying to recreate my grandma’s kitchen table, where food came straight out of her garden, and her friends and neighbors would rally at the table for great conversation.”

Hudson, who gets help running The Wildflower from family, friends and a few others he considers family, calls the cuisine he cooks Eclectic American Dining, or more accurately, Eclectic Ohio Dining.

Food is fresh, local, properly raised and prepared and tastes better than what you’ll find at other eateries. “We believe that care and respect should be given to the ingredients that we incorporate into our menus,” he says. “Quality local ingredients, minimal environmental impact and sustainable local economies provide the cornerstone upon which The Wildflower was built.”

The Wildflower has multiple aspects that make it unique. For one, the menu changes monthly in order to help keep the highest quality local and organic ingredients at the heart. “We serve local grass-fed burgers from Grassland Graze, to salads that come from our own farm, to fresh fish we bring in directly from the fisherman within 24 hours,” says Hudson.

Additionally, Hudson says, the staff and clientele at The Wildflower is unlike something you’ll find anywhere else. According to Hudson, the people at The Wildflower are incredible, on both sides of the plate.

“When you eat here, you support a number of people and farmers,” he says. “You will likely meet some of the farmers, a CEO, a foodie or two and know the whole staff before too long. It’s quite an eclectic group of really nice people who like to eat well.”

When it comes to the future of The Wildflower, Hudson says that they’ve been diligently scouting potential spots for a second concept of the eatery. He also adds that they’re always trying to expand the farm and are perpetually on a mission to make the dining experience even more powerful for their guests.

The Wildflower is located in Old Mason on route 42, just east of Mason-Montgomery Road, not far from Kings Island, at 207 East Main Street.

You can learn more about The Wildflower at Hudson says you can also stop in and say hello!