Tiny Treats, Big Business

Tiny Treats, Big Business

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102411SOCIAL.jpgTaren Kinebrew’s miniature desserts may be small in size, but they cook up a lot of business.


Kinebrew launched Sweet Petit Desserts in 2009, focusing primarily on miniature cupcakes. The business has since evolved into a variety of bite-size sweets, such as key lime bars, tartlets and cake pops.


Business has been booming, she says. In fact, in July 2011 her cake pops caught the attention of treat tycoon, Busken Bakery, and the businesses formed a collaboration.


"Busken made an executive decision to add this item to their bakery line while outsourcing it," Kinebrew says. "Sweet Petit Desserts was able to close the deal and is building a wonderful relationship with the Busken team."


Kinebrew says this opportunity has allowed her business to grow as a wholesale vendor. "We are aiming to be in more local shops and groceries," she says. "The cake pop just happened to be one product that I wanted to have in the market, and now that is a reality."


102411SOCIAL2.jpgKinebrew can also customize a dessert into a miniature version. "Customizing is what we’re known for, and it’s not limited to what is offered on our website," she says. "It’s nice that we’re small, because it allows me to really build a relationship with our customers and make their events very personal."


Sweet Petit Desserts has worked with many local organizations, such as the I Do Boutique, The Elements Conference Center, Music Hall and recently with this year’s Cirque du Yelp and Sak’s Fifth Avenue Fashion’s Night Out. "We were a new vendor at this month’s Cincinnati Chocolate Festival on October 23, which we were excited about," says Kinebrew. "Business for us has grown at a really great pace and has allowed me to hire a small staff. So, I’m definitely excited about our future and look forward to our expansion."


Kinebrew recently created a blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can keep up with their growth, expansions and new offerings. "In the future, we’re looking to package and ship our desserts and have our own dessert show," she says. "Look out, world! We’re aiming to make Sweet Petit Desserts a household name."