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Shane M Pergrem, True Artists Studio Executive Producer

Get a taste of Tinseltown right here in the Tri-State, thanks to the videography savvy experts at True Artists Studio.


With a degree in video production, more than 12 years of experience and numerous awards, Shane M Pergrem is a filmmaker who’s passionate about storytelling. Stories right here in Cincinnati.


“Everyone has a story to tell. Whether it’s a small business profile, wedding film or non profit video, we focus on the foundation of what makes a video really special and that’s telling a story instead of just spewing out lots of information in a video format,” explains Pergrem. “We connect with an audience in a movie format. The filmmakers in my studio and I truly are artists – hence, The True Artists Studio – and our medium is film.”


The True Artists Studio specializes in a variety of productions. “Just about anything,” laughs Pergrem, “the sky’s the limit.” But the demand for one type of production in particular is quickly increasing: social media engagement videos.


“On social networking, video is extremely accessible and is a driving force for sales,” Pergrem explains. “We work with small business owners to create films that help them promote their business online as well as on television.”


Pergrem’s wedding video production business is also booming. “We absolutely love creating wedding films for our couples,” he says. “Our storytelling style is so unique to this town, people are really addicted to it and they can share it so easily.”


The True Artists Studio also produces documentary films. “We got into documentary films through the non profit films we produce for local organizations,” Pergrem says. “Now, we produce docs that we sell through online streaming distribution as well as the DVD market. It amazing to see our work being sold.”


Pergrem also finds time to produce several passion projects each year, such as The Almond Tree. “The film is a documentary that tells the story of a married couple who face some trying times in their marriage when they find out they cannot have children on their own,” Pergrem says. “My wife Emily helped me on the film and my old bandmate Ricky Terrell provided the soundtrack to the film.”


Interested in telling your story? Whether a business, bride or noble mission, call True Artists Studio at 859.305.1547, email at or visit online at


“Between running my own business, telling amazing stories through film and spending time with my wife and two kids, I am truly amazed at the blessings in my life,” says Pergrem. “God is good!”


Watch the webcast below to learn more about True Artists Studio.