Where Communities and Companies Collide

Where Communities and Companies Collide

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082911SOCIAL_real.jpgJamie Boyle is the district marketing manager in Cincinnati for Coca-Cola’s vitaminwater and Powerade brands. Although her title may seem clear-cut, Boyle’s job is anything but. There is no such thing as a typical day for Boyle, who does a little bit of everything to educate and engage the community about these brands.


"My job isn’t like anyone else’s," Boyle says. "It’s field marketing, social media, handling assets of the company, like Carrie Underwood in her endorsement deal. Powerade has a partnership with the Reds, so we sponsor a lot of the community events. Our product is tangible, and people are really excited about it. We’re kind of in everything."


Boyle says she loves this fact about her job. With the beverage industry always changing, so do her responsibilities and focuses.


"Over the last few years, my job has evolved so much, but the one thing I can always stay true to is doing the experiential marketing with our brand," she says. "Every market is different, so different things work in different places. It’s also about giving back to city as well."


This community aspect is a central theme of the upcoming vitaminwater Uncapped Live, an event on September 15 to 21, Boyle says. "Cincinnati as a whole is growing," she says. "We’re starting to see a huge eruption in the indie music, art and fashion scenes. So, for six nights, we’re going to have a night dedicated to a different great local asset." The event will be free, which Boyle says she loves because it’s a way to bring entertainment to Cincinnati and contribute to the city.


Boyle’s love for Cincinnati goes back to her upbringing. Born and raised in the Queen City, Boyle says she has a strong attachment to the area. "I do love my city, and that’s the biggest thing," she says. "No matter what my career is, it would always be about contributing to my city. I don’t know if I would ever leave."