Who Let the Dogs Out?

Who Let the Dogs Out?

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No matter what kind of day you just had, you know you’re coming home to a happy face, wagging tail and lots of love if you’re a dog owner.

With all that our furry friends do for us, it’s only right that they get lots of special attention in return. While there are many dog parks in the area, there are none quite like Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa. It offers everything from a state-of-the-art dog park and luxury boarding to daycare and spa services.

The dog park alone is enough to make any dog beg for more with three acres of doggy fun. The whole park is fenced in so dogs have the freedom to run and play safely with the other dogs. The park features walking paths, canine play equipment and separate areas for large and small dogs. You’ll also find drinking fountains for each human and dog, seating and plenty of waste stations.

When building this dog park, the owners of Red Dog not only had dogs in mind but also the owners. The park is protected with a double entry gate, personal access keypad and around the clock surveillance system.

"Our dog park is different from other area dog parks because of the level of protection that we offer," says Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa business manager, Alexandra Heekin. "We require that all dogs to be up-to-date with their vaccinations and are either spayed or neutered.  The park is fenced in and has a double gate, personal access keypad, and 24-hour surveillance.  We take seriously the safety and security of pets and their owners."

With all this security and safety precautions means that access to the park is member-only but anyone is welcome to become a member. "It is members only, which means that we require vaccination records and a park application for all users," says Heekin. Membership for a year is $99 and $69 for a six-month membership with each membership covering up to three dogs per family

"The owners are simply required to provide evidence that their dog(s) are current with their vaccinations," says Heekin. "Specifically, we are looking for rabies, distemper, bordetella and a fecal exam within the year.  Owners must also submit a dog park application."

Besides the dog park, Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa also offers an abundance of other services, such as an attractive alternative to boarding with their pet hotel suites. Your pet can also feel loved and pampered with their doggy massages, aquatic fitness or keep your dog busy during the day with their daycare services. For more information on everything Red Dog has to offer visit their Web site at www.RedDogCincinnati.com.