Why I Hired the Mafia

Why I Hired the Mafia

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There’s nothing quite like A Bride’s Mafia. Read on as two local brides explain how this bridal concierge helped them plan their big day — saving time, stress and money in the process.

Nidhi Bedi, owner of A Bride's Mafia
Nidhi Bedi, owner of A Bride’s Mafia

Jennifer Sweis isn’t like most girls. She never thought she’d get married, and because of that, she didn’t dream of plans or specific details.

“I just knew I wanted to wear a wedding gown and I wanted my fiancé to be present,” she laughs. The Monday after she got engaged, she met with Nidhi Bedi, owner of A Bride’s Mafia for her complimentary consultation.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, even more so if you have no idea where to begin. Sweis says Bedi immediately made her feel more relaxed. “I explained that I didn’t have the slightest clue as to what she wanted for a wedding – no ideas for colors, flowers, locations, bridesmaid dresses, etc.,” Sweis recalls. “I wasn’t even sure that I needed a planner.”

Sweis says Bedi put her fears at ease, and ensured her that she could get married that summer “and that my fiancé would be there,” she laughs. “From there, she arranged everything.”

According to Sweis, being A Bride’s Mafia client was like having an industry insider at your fingertips. “I was able to meet with the best vendors of the business,” she says. “If I was not 100 percent satisfied with a vendor due to personal preference, Nidhi would arrange a meeting with a difference vendor.”

After all decisions were made, Bedi, Sweis and her fiancé met with the vendors together as a “team meeting.” There, they discussed the specifics such as timelines, the overall look of the wedding, photos, colors, flowers, video, music and everything in between.

“I had never felt more at ease during our planning adventure than that day,” says Sweis. “and for the first time, I understood what was really meant by ‘A Bride’s Mafia.’”

Sweis says that what she loved the most about planning her big day with A Bride’s Mafia is that she wasn’t just a client to Bedi. Everyone involved in the process treated her and her fiancé like real people with real visions, beliefs, families, friends and memories. “Many of the people we worked with for our big day,” Sweis says, “we still has a relationship with today.”

The only thing Sweis says she would change about her experience is the rain that dried to dampen her day – not that it really mattered, because Bedi had it all under control.

“Even then, Nidhi walked up to my mother and I -in a dripping black dress, wet hair stuck to her face, with a smile- and said, ‘I have it under control, Jenn. Everything is going to be amazing,’” Sweis recalls. “She was right. Her ‘Mafia’ -including the florist, photographer, linen organizer, assistant, DJ and caterer- scrambled to move the beautiful chairs under cover so the rain would not damage them. We pushed back the ceremony 30 minutes, and with a rainbow in the sky, we still had the most beautiful day that she had promised.”

Sweis isn’t the only one who’s had a wonderful experience with A Bride’s Mafia. Mona Mislanker says that she initially heard of Bedi and A Bride’s Mafia through a friend who recently got married.

“At first I wasn’t sure if I needed a planner, but then quickly realized that I was in over my head without one,” says Mislanker. On top of planning a wedding, she was also working 100-hour weeks.

Since most of her working hours were spent outside of Cincinnati, Mislanker heavily relied on Nidhi and her team to help her navigate the logistics of her big day when she was unable to be there.

“From the second I met Nidhi during our initial consultation, I knew that she was going to be a great fit for me and my dream wedding,” says Mislanker. “Having someone on your side that knows the ins and outs of the wedding industry, the appropriate timelines, vendors and the do’s and don’ts of planning a wedding is exactly what every bride should have so they can spend their time focusing on the smaller and more personal details to make their wedding what they want.”

The best part for Mislanker, though, was the ability to work with the best vendors in the city who made her feel like a million bucks, without actually spending it. Between the complimentary consultation and special offers she got from vendors by being a “Mafia” member, Mislanker says she was able to stretch her bridal budget much further.

“All the vendors we worked with were amazing and always put me at ease,” she adds, “I’ve already recommended each and every one a thousand times and will continue to do so.”

For Mislanker, she loved how Bedi and her team were there by her side for the entire four-day wedding weekend. “It not only felt like they were helping with the logistics, but were truly there for me to help me celebrate and enjoy my wedding,” she says.

To learn more about A Bride’s Mafia, visit abridesmafia.com.