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Women Who Inspire

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Women Who Inspire is October 23, 2014

Each year, McAuley High School in College Hill plays host to Women Who Inspire. This annual event celebrates women in the community who have an extraordinary story to tell. Brigitte Foley, Director of Advancement at McAuley High School, says the evening is unforgettable as attendees listen as speakers share their inspiring life journeys.



Foley says event chairperson Angela Morrissey developed the idea for Women Who Inspire. “She leads a volunteer committee of women from around the community, most of whom are either McAuley alumnae or mothers of McAuley alumnae and/or students,” Foley explains.



When the high school celebrated its 50th anniversary during the 2010-2011 school year, different committees were in search of ways to celebrate such a significant milestone. During one of these brainstorming sessions, the idea of a women’s forum came up.



“But it was really Angela, whose daughter Samantha was a McAuley freshman at the time, who brought the idea of Women Who Inspire to me,” explains Foley. “She had prior experience with a similar forum presented by her employer and wanted to translate that event into one that would be unique and empowering at Mcauley.” It was then that the team was, well, inspired to launch the Women Who Inspire event concept.



“We all have a story to tell and we want to promote the life journeys that are unique to each one of us,” Foley says.



Women Who Inspire continues to grow each year. In 2013, there were nearly 500 people who attended. But this year is special, Foley says, as the 2014 event will mark Women Who Inspire’s fifth anniversary.



There have been 21 nominated speakers and three keynote speakers who have shared their personal stories in the last four years, according to Foley.



“Typically, Women Who Inspire features five to seven women whose experiences range from life in a religious order, to career growth as a woman, to health challenges, to entrepreneurship, to drug and alcohol addiction,” explains Foley. “That’s what I love most about Women Who Inspire.”

“The joy is really when the panelists take the stage each year and share their amazing and distinctive stories, and how it affects the attendees so personally and differently,” she says. “Each year we receive cards, messages and comments about how the evening inspired and moved people in some way.”



The team behind Women Who Inspire finds different ways to “raise the bar” each year in order to make the event even more special for not only themselves but those who attend.



“It’s an affordable evening out that someone can attend without bringing any additional funds,” says Foley. “There is no silent auction, raffle or additional expenses. It is truly a one-of-a-kind girls night out.”



For the future, Foley says that one of their biggest goals for Women Who Inspire is to continue to celebrate women in the community while also raising more money to provide additional financial assistance to the young women of McAuley High School.



To learn more about the event, and to register, click here.