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Zooted Delivery

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Bored with bagged lunches and limited eatery options around your office at lunchtime?


Your favorite Tri-State restaurants now come to you thanks to Zooted Delivery. Just place your order through your PC, smart phone or tablet at zooteddelivery.com or give them a call at (513) 549-2085. Then, they immediately zoot your order to the restaurant and send you a confirmation email with your order receipt and delivery time. Finally, when your food is ready, they will pick it up from the restaurant and deliver it straight to your office.


They charge $3.50 plus five percent of the order total for delivery. These fees are the same for every restaurant, no matter where you are in their radius. Fees for most orders come in at about $4 total, according to owner, Sheroz Zindani. After it’s delivered, all you have to do is sign for it and dig in!


Launched in September 2012, Zindani started off using the company to deliver in Downtown Cincinnati to test the theory and to see whether there would be any demand or not. “We didn’t end up getting much response from Downtown Cincinnati when we first started mostly due to our limited advertising budget,” says Zindani.


Shortly after the Downtown Cincinnati experiment, Zindani decided to shift their target demographic to University-based areas, that’s when they launched at the University of Cincinnati, intially operating on weekends.


Inspiration for the business came about by just recognizing that the demand was there. As a college student in the Cincinnati area, the delivery options were limited which ultimately lead to settling for generic delivery options. “Aggressive expansion is on the horizon,” says Zindani. “We’re trying to deliver for all of Cincinnati, including suburbs so that’s next on the agenda.”


In fact, Zindani says, they just launched their second location at Texas A&M and they plan to gradually scale their operations as opportunities present themselves. Additionally, they are not limiting themselves to just restaurant delivery as they just launched their first convenience store a couple weeks ago. Grocery delivery is also a business opportunity they are considering.


“What makes us unique is our customer service,” says Zindani. “We try to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes by being empathetic with the pains associated with placing a delivery order which is why we try to make our process as convenient as possible for the consumer.”


To learn more, visit www.zooteddelivery.com. “We like to call ourselves the Kings of Convenience,” says Zindani.