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    In a world that’s often torn by its differences, one local lady is bringing Cincinnati together through a mixed media installation that shares stories of those who live in it, and why they love it. Learn more about the project and how you can get involved to share your story, too.

    1 Degree of Separation is a mixed media installation that's sharing the stories of Cincinnati residents and why they love the city.
    Kailah Ware, founder of 1 Degree of Separation

    Six degrees is all that separates us from everyone and everything by way of introduction, according to Frigyes Karinthy. That’s why a new mixed media installation was created, with a goal of bringing the city closer, as it introduces you to various Cincinnatians and why they love living here.

    1 Degree of Separation, a projected launched by Kailah Ware and sponsored by People’s Liberty, MidWest Grip and Lighting and Electric Art, uses community-sourced stories to ask and answer the question, “What do you love about Cincinnati?”

    “At the installation site, 1 Degree of Separation will use touch screen technology to activate films, photos and motion graphics that tell engaging stories of Cincinnati residents,” explains Ware. “While viewing a silhouette of Cincinnati’s skyline, viewers will be able to select and view the stories of their choosing, and at the end of the installation, viewers will have the opportunity to film themselves and share their own experiences with the city.”

    Ware was inspired to launch a project like 1 Degree while she was taking photos during the Washington Park free concert series. “I saw a man in a suit and a man who has possibly experienced homelessness sitting on the same bench enjoying the same concert,” she explains. “At that moment, I realized that these two individuals probably don’t have anything in common other than the fact they both live in Cincinnati and they were both enjoying the city.”

    Ware says she was moved to initiate the project because there plenty of things tearing communities apart right now, and she wanted to create something that counteracts that. “I made this project to bring people in Cincinnati together,” she adds.

    According to Ware, 1 Degree of Separation will travel to multiple locations throughout Cincinnati, placing the spotlight on diverse stories. “These community-sourced stories focus on people’s positive experiences in Cincinnati and foster a spirit of inclusivity that will make the city of Cincinnati a thought leader in the use of storytelling as a model for strengthening its communities.”

    With the help of People’s Liberty, MidWest Grip and Lighting and Electronic Art, Ware says that she aims to create community with her project and to help those in Greater Cincinnati feel more connected to each other through the mixed media installation. “I also want to show the cultural, economic and racial diversity of Cincinnati,” she says.

    Ware says that she wants to hear your stories, too. “1 Degree of Separation will be booking shoots until April 1,” she adds. If you or your business would like to be represented in the installation, send an email to

    For more information on the project itself, visit You can also follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.