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We chat with the owner of a Mariemont-based gift shop who will soon be closing its doors to launch an exciting new adventure. Read on to learn more.

Lolli's is a Mariemount-based business that sells home accessories and gifts.
Lolli’s is a Mariemont-based business that sells home accessories and gifts.

They say when one door closes, another one opens. That couldn’t be more true for Leah Osgood, owner of Lolli’s.

Opened in February 2012, Lolli’s has served as a favorite for those searching for the perfect eclectic mix of modern and vintage gifts and accessories.

“Lolli’s collects every-evolving finds to fulfill all of your needs,” says Osgood. “You will find gifts and accessories that create lasting impressions.”

Perhaps one of the most unique parts of Lolli’s is the name. “Lolli is someone I aspire to be – someone who has classic style with just a bit of an edge,” says Osgood. “A woman who takes comfort in the traditional but is not afraid to twist it into something that is unique her own.”

Candles are one of the many items carried by Lolli's.
Candles are one of the many items carried by Lolli’s.

Whether it’s homemade candles, a hammock swing, or even a handmade bracelet, there are a variety of items available at Lolli’s.

While Osgood’s own style is still evolving, she said she’s always envisions “Lolli” to be a woman who embraces the joys that define who she is – children, grandchild, her significant other, family, and friends – while feeling blessed by the simple things in life.”

While she’s has enjoyed her time running Lolli’s, Osgood says that she will soon be venturing on to new opportunities. She plans to close the store on August 19, which still gives you time to get in there and find accessories, gifts and home goods before she shuts her doors.

When asked about the new opportunities she’ll be pursuing, she says, “This year, we began new efforts stop the stigma and start the conversation about mental illness by creating 1N5 where we will educate and share stories – our stories and yours.”

Pick up something for your home before Lolli's closes its doors August 19.
Pick up something for your home before Lolli’s closes its doors August 19.

According to Osgood, these efforts include increasing awareness and education about mental health at local Cincinnati schools and universities such as Cincinnati State and Technical College, Northern Kentucky University, the University of Cincinnati, The Summit Country Day School, Mariemont High School, and Turpin High School.

Lolli’s is located at 6814 Wooster Pike in Mariemont, where you can visit them before the store closes on August 19. Hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.