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2-day certification boot camp

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You know digital is more essential to a business than ever, but do you know much about digital? Learn more about a local expert who now offers a social media certification program.

Kirsta Neher, Owner of Boot Camp Digital
Kirsta Neher, Owner of Boot Camp Digital

In today’s digital world, social media savvy is more important than ever. That’s why downtown Cincinnati-based Krista Neher launched Boot Camp Digital, a business that offers social media training and certification programs.

Due to demand, Boot Camp Digital began offering its Social Media Certification program, which can be accessed in either an online or live setting. “More and more of our customers were looking for a credible and accelerated program that would get them up-to-speed fast and empower them to get better results,” explains Neher. “So we created the program.”

Neher has been training business professionals in social media and digital marketing for more than 10 years. “We’ve trained tens of thousands of marketers around the globe in digital market and social media,” she adds.

When taking the course, participants are required to successfully complete the online training while also demonstrating that they can apply what they’ve learned. There are knowledge checks throughout the program that participants must pass, and they must also submit a social media strategy.

“They get feedback on their strategy, so one of the advantages of the program is that it gives participants the opportunity to get feedback on their social media plan and execution,” says Neher. The program also offers office hours, so participants can ask anything about social media and get one-on-one support. Click here to see how it stacks up to other certification programs.

Neher says that she knows learning a new skill is hard and knowing where to start can be even more difficult. It’s because of this that the certification program from Boot Camp Digital offers a clear path to acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary in order to succeed in our digital marketing-focused world.

“Many people struggle trying to figure out how to get their skills up-to-date and learn social media—and it can be intimidating,” she says. “Our program has content for complete beginners and also seasoned professionals to really help them succeed.”

While Neher says the online program is the most popular, there’s also a live training at the 2-Day Social Media Training Boot Camp, which is offered five times a year at different cities across the country.

Neher is thrilled about the future of Boot Camp Digital, saying that they’re in the process of expanding the certification curriculum with an interactive learning platform. “We’ll offer net certifications in topics like ‘Digital Marketing Foundations’ and we are segmenting our curriculum to be more impactful to business professionals,” she explains. “This means that if you just want to learn strategy, you can choose the strategy path. If you want to focus on business essentials to improve your base knowledge, you can do the essentials track. If you want to take your results to the next level, you can choose Mastery and Optimization.”

These new programs, Neher says, will launch later this year.

To learn more about Boot Camp Digital and its online social media certification, click here. You can also click here for additional information on the live 2-Day Certification Boot Camp.