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Ali Rittenhouse

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Need some fresh inspiration and motivation? Learn how this Digital Diva and Business Coach teaches businesswomen to better their businesses and their lives.

Ali Rittenhouse
Ali Rittenhouse is a business coach who helps people define their career paths following a turbulent start to her own professional life.

Business coach Ali Rittenhouse doesn’t just help people build amazing websites; she helps them define their career paths. Rittenhouse had a rocky start in her own life, but she transformed herself into a high-earning businesswoman and has since helped countless others to do the same.

Becoming a business coach wasn’t a decision Rittenhouse made overnight, but her path was gradually revealed to her.

“It naturally happened when I knew I wanted to better my business and grow it,” she said. “I’ve always been helping businesses be better, even when I was still in corporate America. Everything I had done in the past was leading me to switching my title, as I was already doing everything a business coach did.”

Throughout the last nine years, Rittenhouse’s business has boomed. She has become an admired and award-winning entrepreneur with a plethora of adoring clients and is a regular contributor for lifestyle television show Living Dayton.

Two of her proudest moments, she says, were shooting videos exclusively for and becoming a Social Media Reporter at NASA Headquarters. But her favorite part of what she does is the day-to-day impact she has “working with women one-on-one to help them build their dream businesses. There is a magic glow that a woman has when she creates a life she loves, and I have a hand in helping them create it.”

Rittenhouse says she will continue the high-end one-on-one coaching that has made her so successful. Her coaching style is custom, varying with each client and their needs.

“We work together to create a plan that fits their needs and desires,” she says. “I’ve found if you try to force people into something they aren’t into, they won’t give it their best, or worse, won’t do anything at all. I want my clients to take lots of action in their business to make it successful. After all, my success depends on the success my clients receive!”

For potential clients who aren’t quite ready for one-on-one coaching, Rittenhouse recently launched a new Online Success Academy for Women Entrepreneurs that aims to bring together community, learning and coaching. She says she’s also working on a major goal of hers: to launch a new web show on YouTube that follows successful businesswomen and tells their stories.

Rittenhouse advises businesspeople looking to better themselves and their businesses to keep their eyes on three things: focus, systems and consistency.

“In order to be better or grow bigger, you need to be able to keep it all together,” she says. “Having focus on what the goal is will be key in being better. Distractions, hard-times and other bumps in the road will happen. Focus will help you get through them. Systems keep business rolling when you’re expanding and your attention needs to focus on other tasks to make the business better. Creating consistency before you take the leap allows you to keep the relationship flowing with your past, current and future customers.”

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